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JoolsW :

Hi,Just come across this site whilst trawling for retirement communities.
We are active,youthful,early retirees who are hoping to afford to live abroad somewhere warm.A recent trip to Gib seemed to provide the ideal choice for location,language,health services,climate...but we are wondering if there is a thriving ex pat community with easy access so that making new friends would be facilitated??

Hi JoolsW

The 2012 census showed a total population of 32,194 with 25,444 Gibraltarians and 4,249 UK and other British,+  522 Moroccan and .1979 other nationalities.

I am on the census as Gibraltarian but I am also an ex-pat.


interested in renting on a weekly basis until i get myself a flat, could you send details of where you are in gib and contact details please.

kind regards


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ex pat is not really  a term that applies to Gib, the locals are very British and proud of it, the way of life is British, everyone watches  British TV, reads  British papers etc, everyone has been to the UK numerous times, has family there, most local families are a mixture of Gib and British etc...  It feels to me like England in the sun, we have a flat there and live there on and off, depending on kids' schooling, Uni etc.... I am retired and love it there!

I am in the Watergardens development, its 6 high rise blocks, on Waterport Rd in Marina Bay beside Ocean village. My email is ++++

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Sounds like my kindof life.
Property is expensive though if a base in UK is to be kept.
Is it better to be at southern end or up near border?West or East?

Jools, its outer London prices, but you can rent out your UK home to help pay the bills, there's little price variation due to area. Spain obviously is cheaper but its a foriegn country...

Thanks for that.Will trawl estate agents sites for rental.Could fancy a month in the first instance to get a feel for areas.Ideally want sea view.


I will be arriving in Gibraltar on 21st September Horray !!!!!!!.  Ive got 3 weeks to find a job (pretty much anything that will keep me there) so i will be like a man possessed during that period lol.

Is there any particular pub that everyone meets up in ?. I really don't want to have to go back with my tail between my legs.

P.S if anyone is moving to Gib around that time or can help in anyway please message me. Any help will be greatly received.

Kind Regards
Jim from Glasgow........

Hi. Hope all goes well with your search for estate agents. We are to return to Gibraltar next April with the view of visiting estate agents to get an idea of affordable property to buy. If you come across some agents,  would you please pass on to me address details.


Good luck Jim.  Hope you find work quickly.  Do you have aaccommodation sorted out. We will be moving to Gibraltar in the near future and will need to find work x 2, accommodation,  and schools very quickly. Let me know how you get on with your search.

Hi Jim,

don't know if you have had any answers... best pub is probably Charlies, its at the end of the bars etc on the Ocean Village boardwalk, easy to find, it has a big British clientele, ask people there for leads, there's bar work in Gib, ask at O'Reillys, their owners own  lots of other pubs apparently, they have an office in OV somewhere. Try the recruitment agencies in the phone book, ask in pubs cafes takeaways etc along main street... didnt you say you'd worked in casinos? Ask at the casino in OV... good luck!

search "property gibraltar" its a estate agents portal, there're plenty  of estate agents in Gib, problem is you can't view from the UK! But you will get an idea of the - high - prices and whereabouts of places, a 2 bed goes for c £1k / mth... good luck!

HI Guys,

Thanks for the replies, very much appreciated.

I have managed to get a cheap place to stay in La Linea . I basically have 3 weeks to find a job and accommodation. I will be going around all the pubs/bars etc looking for a job.. Okay the work/pay will be low but hey if it means that i can get a new start then so be it.

If anyone has any more advice please reply :).  I will be updating on here regularly and i will gladly help anyone if i find out any useful information etc that could help them.

Good luck everyone

KInd Regards

Hi all

My name is Alan.
I moved to Gibraltar with my wife and kids in July 2015.
I moved here to start a new job - I was a approached by a local recruitment company while still working in the UK.
Loving it so far, albeit with a few irritations about the way things are done here. Once you accept that not everything is better than it is in the UK you adapt your mindset and go with the flow!
Having moved quite recently I'm happy to share my recent experience of settling here in Gib to anybody who wants info on relocating.

Hi I am new to this site, do people reply to your posts individually to your email address?

Many thanks

Most reply on here

No, replies go to this string of Qs and As, I get email alerts to my gmail inbox but that probably depends on your email system, welcome!

HI all, I'm very new to this so I'll just say hi 👋🏻

I'm looking to move to Gibraltar over the coming years as my brother is off there in the next few days and he keeps telling me I should do it too!

I'm one of those that's scared of change (mad this is a massive change!) as I don't know what to do about work, loving and what not. I'm on my own with my girls so I have to be extra careful that this is the right choice for me. Any help and advise would be gratefully received!! 😘

Hi Alan,

I have just joined here and found your post. I am looking to move to Gibraltar from next year and would appreciate your time to share your experiences after a year.
Any information will be very useful about finding job, renting, cost of living, first steps.
I work in Hospitality i suppose that is easy to find a job in this industry.


Hi all,

I glad to be here. I live in England and would like to move to Gib in January time to find a job and enjoy sunshine. :)
I work in Hospitality so i am interested in any up to date information about the industry.
My intention to start applying for jobs before moving but not sure if it works.
Because of costs i will probably rent in La Linea and commute. I have read many things about this and would appreciate to clarify this. How does it go in reality.

Thanks guys!

Hello all,

My name is Dennis and I am new here. I work and live in Holland. In 2017 (before or after summer) I want to work and/of maybe live in Gibraltar. now I am preparing for my move. I currently working for HP in Holland. Here I want to improve my English and technical English. I am preparing now for my move. Reading on website how it is to work and live in Gibraltar. Or work in Gibraltar and live in La Linea. But also import my car to Spain of Gibraltar. A good preparation is half the work.

I hope to get some good or bad feedback.

Hi I don't know if anyone can help me. I'm looking to find a job in Gibraltar. Do you know who may be recruiting? I was a bar / restaurant manager in UK  for 10 years..have excellent customer service skills..both face to face and over the phone....Anything considered. I have the S. I.A.  and CCTV security badge too.
Thank you in advance..any advice appreciated

Hi my name's Pauline I'm retired due to illness ,I don't want that to hold me back . I come from the UK born in leicester Midlands in England . My wish is to move to a  warmer place ,my next door neighbours lived in Gibralter,and still go there for holidays they were telling me how nice it is there, and I started thinking of it a lot I am hoping to come for a holiday to see it for myself ,but I really want to live there, but need help with that ,I would like to make some  friends I'm an honest loving caring person,I live alone with my sidekick cat Bess,can anybody help me ? I,m in my 60s,but. Have a young outlook,I,m not giving up yet,I hope to hear from anyone my message touches I,m a Christian and looking for lively church too

Sent sincerely and hope for the future

hello Jullian
you have tried to help me,but I'm finding it hard to find the answers I need,

I need the sun for my health and am desperate to move to Gib, I know you must hear this all the time,

I live alone with my cat ,family all sorted now I want my life are there such complexes out there that cater for the the older in age but young at heart person wanting a life in the sun in such a lovely country as Gib?

thanks Pauline & bess

Hi Pauline

Any joy yet? I've just joined today and hope to secure work before I go. I'm a nurse but nothing available at the hospital so going to take anything!

What about you?

Isn't property expensive to rent!


Hi Tamas

I've just joined today and am eager
to find out how you are getting on?

I'd like to be out asap!


Hello Expats and Friends

At long last I decided to take the risk and move to Gibs, either give it a go or regret not trying! I've rented a new apartment in Magarita (Santa Margarita) just north east of La linea, shall be driving from Santander Wed 28th June 2017 arriving the next day. Then recover from the exhausting drive over the weekend.

To help me find work I will attend a five day training course run by Paul Holder on 3rd July 2017. I highly recommend him, Google Infinity Learning.

I look forward to the new life and finding new friends.


Hello Everyone  : )

I am very new here - joined yesterday  : )

I'm Ann, but much prefer Ann G. G is my middle name initial and friends say Angie somehow matches my personality better than Ann.

I am seriously considering moving to Gib within 3 months.
Well, I'll be relocating anyway - just the question is where to. Gib got to the top of the list a few weeks ago and is still there  ;-)

Why Gibraltar? I grew up sailing, windsurfing and doing other water sports, so since I am moving anyway, I have decided to find a place where I'd be able to do water sports all (or most) of the year, especially that, living a bit in London, England and a bit in Krakow, Poland for over a decade, I haven't had many opportunities to do them and really miss water-sun-wind on a daily basis !

I am not looking for a job in Gib as I do some freelancing globally and remotely, and additionally have my own company, which I can also run from wherever in the world I am. However, I will be moving to Gib with my doggie, a lovely Cocker Spaniel called Axel, so I'm afraid that finding the right place to live might be a bit of a challenge.

I have never been to Gibraltar, but recently  I've been doing a lot of research about the place and talking to people who have visited Gibraltar, but I don't really know anyone who lives or has ever lived there, so I will appreciate tips and advice a lot.
Also, I am always happy to make new friends  : )


Hi AnnG

I've been here a few years, I love it but there a few things worth knowing:
Accommodation very expensive here. Think London prices.
If renting check the lease as some do not allow pets.
There is some watersports here (Rowing, sailing, sup) but I have never seen windsurfing. Perhaps in Spain in Tarifa?
Food not cheap.
Lower taxes than the U.K.
No council tax!
Bureaucracy can be a bit slow.
People friendly. Very mixed bag of nationalities.

Good luck

Thank you, Al  : )

Already know about the prices of accommodation. Pity that only apartments/flats available in Gib.
Great about people !
Not so great about slow bureaucracy.
Yes, I know about windsurfing and kitesurfing in Tarifa, Spain, but was hoping I could go windsurfing in Gib or somewhere closer than Tarifa. Will do some more research on that, but still - I can't move to Spain now as I don't speak Spanish yet ... but maybe will consider it in the future.

About a month ago I thought I would be going back to England, so Gibraltar still seems a much better option for me now.


Hi AnnG.S
There are houses in Gibraltar BUT they start at around £3million.
You will see kite surfers on the beaches of La Linea and possibly Gib.
Bureaucracy is not too bad especially when you compare it with other countries, Spain for example.
Some time ago I would have agreed that food was not so cheap as UK but since Morrisons have started price marking their produce it's the same price as UK and alcohol is much cheaper plus you can always shop in Spain.

Take a short break out here and have a look for yourself first


Thank you, Grumpy  : )

Sounds I should start to eat less and to drink more  ;-)

I am more for renting a house/flat at the moment and buying a sailing yacht I could live on in the future.

I don't think I will have time for even a very short break out there ... I'll risk it.
Anyway, seriously thinking of getting a kind of short-term accommodation in Gib or LaLinea, like airbnb for 2-3 weeks to have a look around, make final decisions and have time to find a more permanent place to live. Good plan ?  : )


Hey guys,

I'm Fabrice from Switzerland. I moved to Gib in the middle of July for professional matter (and also for a need of private change) and I will stay here for an undetermined period of time.

I am really open minded and easy going, always in for a serious or shit discussion with a couple of drinks. Don't hesitate to talk to me, I always answer! :)

Hope to meet a lot of new people
See you soon

You should try the betting companies as most of them are based in gib and they're usually taking people on, I think the pays ok if u don't mind shift work

Hi  I am David

53 years old just divorced and returned to the UK from Africa 2 weeks ago giving up my Executive job to do so.

I will be looking for work when I arrive and to be honest pretty much anything that's legal will be fine.

I love most sports particularly sailing, I will be taking my yachtmaster offshore exam soon. I a big football can and have supported Arsenal since a boy.

I will be looking for accomodation when I arrive probably 4 to 6 weeks. I am happy to share an apartment or house. I intend to settle down in Gib.

So that's me in a short story. Thanks David


Hi  I am David

53 years old just divorced and returned to the UK from Africa 2 weeks ago giving up my Executive job to do so.

I will be looking for work when I arrive and to be honest pretty much anything that's legal will be fine.

I love most sports particularly sailing, I will be taking my yachtmaster offshore exam soon. I a big football can and have supported Arsenal since a boy.

I will be looking for accomodation when I arrive probably 4 to 6 weeks. I am happy to share an apartment or house. I intend to settle down in Gib.

So that's me in a short story. Thanks David



I hope I am posting this in the right place - myself and my partner are relocating to Gibraltar in October and I am looking for any advice that you can give us! We are relocating due to my partner's work, so I will be searching for a job and I would also like to become involved in local activities so that I can meet people.

Thanks in advance!


Hi everyone
Ok let introduce myself....
My name is uk they call tesh
I am moroccan british
I do speak english,french,arabic and spanish
Love to dance,smile,swim.and people...
In uk inworked as waiter,barman,room service,saleman....arabic teacher on one to one basis...and well washing up...
Want to move to gibraltar .to work there .live in lalinea
Smiles and respects

Hi, my name is Shivapriya (not my birth name).

I'm about to share something quite personal, but I am an honest and open person and feel it's the best way to get the help I might need along the way. It's not like the rest of the world doesn't know what's happening in the US these days.

I am planning to move to Gibraltar from the US in approximately 2-3 short months from now.  My father is from Gibraltar. He came to the US when he was just 11 years old.  He is most likely going to be deported soon, thanks to our current government.  Since he is partially disabled and I am his caregiver, then I must come too. I am excited about it, but still anxious, as I have a lot to do in a very short time. I am the type of person who welcomes change.

I have dual citizenship, so I am coming as a British citizen. I have family there, fortunately, so I will have some help, but I do prefer to be as independent as possible. 

I have questions, a lot of questions.  Please someone direct me to where I can ask questions.  Do I do it here?   I appreciate any and all guidance I may receive!

Wishing all a very beautiful day!


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