Pakistani in Algeria

Hi every one. I am Ateeq from Karachi ,Pakistan ..i love an Algerian girl and want to go in Algeria ..please help me regarding following queries:
1) Can a Pakistani marry with Algerian girl?
2) Can a Pakistani get job in Algeria keep in mind i am an electrical engineer?
3) Please Tell me How Algerian people behave with Pakistani people?
4) what kind of troubles i have to face there regarding marriage and job?

please guide me about the queries. i will be grateful for your favor.

if u r a muslim there will be no problem for u,but u r from annother religion ,its difficult for the girl to marry u until u become a muslim and u should pronounce the chahada.
for your work, there are many companies that recruit engineers like u.if u want to see rhis i will give website that do have this information ,
all the best

Thanks Karim for guiding me.
  Dear i am a Muslim and belongs to purely Muslim country ,society and culture.
Please send me the website of companies and also share the information about rent of apartment for living there.
Attique Rehman

ok next time i will send u a website and u create an account then they will send u all the vacancies that have relation with your fild.for appartments ,let me know where u gonna stay in algeria ?
all the best

Hi ateeq52,

You may want to post an advert in the housing section and jobs section in Algeria.

This might help you in your search.

All the best,
Christine team

As a pakistani you have very slim chance to get Algeria Visa.  One of my Pakistani friend tried but failed.
They will never give you the reason for rejecting your Visa application. You will simply keep waiting and then fed up and back out.

Mr. Starship,

You promised Mr. Atiq to provide him with the websites for finding job in Algeria.....  Would you mind putting them up here...  One of my friends is intrested as well.

would u tell me the qualification of your friend ,and would u tell why he is intereted in coming to work here in algeria
all the best

Salam Alikom brother
I have a question
I am from pakistan and married already but I love with a girl who is from algeria and she knew already all my past so question is simply soon In'sha'Allah I am coming algeria marry her so what type of documents are require for here in Algeria
Please reply me soon
Thank you
Allah hafiz


Are you first getting a divorce from your first wife ??

Did you ask her parents??? I am astonished to hear people claim to be muslim and yet it seems you have NO idea or understanding of islam nor do you seem to practise...

No.1 what will you do with your first wife? How do you plan on the shari living with 2 wives? It is fard that they both have equal time and spending, if you dont then you will have one side leaning on the day of judgement.

No.2 does this "girl" know her kids will NOT get algerian citizenship, if she marries and has kids with you.

No.3 has her parents accepted you? Do you have THEIR permission to come to algeria (as will need a letter from them to get a visa).

No.4 i suggest you look for a wife in your own country (if wanting a second one) thus it will be easier for you to treat them both PROPERLY, how will you share the time between them? You can not spend more than a week with one without the same with the other! Will you travel back and forth each week? Or will you drag one away from her home, family, friends and safety net so as to keep the justice!

There are all manner of "muslims" out there, you need to specify, the most predominent in algeria is SUNNI, you would call them wahabi, or salafi. (I know pakistanis consider wahabi as an insult, and yet this man was an algerian) if you are ahmadiya or one of these sect you wont get on too well. They mainly follow imam maliki as it is this sect who brought islam to north africa...

I suggest you get your house in order (a british saying) how can you be so awful to your wife? To speak in a haram way to a non maharam woman which creates feelings... as such is a kin to zina! and then ask for these people to help you to carry on and continue and increase so as to encourage the humiliation and sin upon one of their young vulnerable girls? the algerians i know and have met speak of "fierty" and see the woman in a very high regard and i hope none would help you in this sin and those who do will have a share of blame on the day of judgement. Astaghfrallah. You say you are a muslim... go repent and look after your wife and stop cheating on her.

Astaghfrallah astaghfrallah astaghfrallah audhu bilah.

You asked him questions, then answered them yourself without giving him an opportunity to do so. Maybe he has already arranged everything with his first wife, and the family of his potential second (or only) wife. We do not know the exact situation, and thus can't judge him. What is astaghfurallah & audu bilah is to judge someone as a sinner without knowing the full details first. So it's you who needs to repent. When he gives us more details, I may ask him to do so as well depending on what he has done. We shall wait and see. But for now, go repent. While you're at it, take a deep breath, and relax.

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