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Hi -I am new to this site and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice about my Algerian boyfriend .

I have known him for 2 years - He is from Bejaia , and I have visited 4 times and spent many happy hours eating couscous and spending time with his lovely family. It's a beautiful country with beautiful people .

I am older than him and divorced and currently living in the U.K. We have applied for a visitor visa for him so he can come to England and meet my family and spend 2 weeks with me so that I can show him where I was born and he can visit some of the sites in the U.K. However , he doesn't have much money and neither do I so long term I am not sure how we can make it all work . Also, I am thinking he will not get a visitor  visa because U.K. Immigration will think he won't return to Algeria after the 2 weeks are up!!

Anyway, I do love him very much and I spend every evening in Skype with him but I'm just not sure what we can do in the future .

Thank you very  much for any advice

Hi Caroline,

Welcome to :)

We are here on an expatriate website and we mainly discuss about expatriation issues ( procedures, visas , how is life abroad etc )

For personal affairs, i am afraid that we might not be apt to help you unfortunately.

What is precisely your question please and what kind of help are you looking for? :)



Hi Priscilla ,

Maybe I need to post this on another forum but thank you for your reply.

Will return to this site if I manage to marry and move  to Algeria in the future 😄

Thanks again

hello how are i think you are fine
My advise to you is that don't believe what others said take theirs for reference. Judge with your own heart and eyes. Your 's worries was mind too

Thank you for your reply . I am still with my boyfriend and hoping we can find a way to be together in the future . Uk immigration refused his visitor visa so not sure how !
Best wishes

you can meet him in tunisia ? or algeria ?? no ??

I have been to Algeria many times and I love it there  but we have been together 3 years and it's how we get together in the future . Maybe we will marry in Algeria and then see what happens from there

ahh ok you was meet hime good luck i think he wilwas reeal whan you meet him online
i think you need marri him in tunisia is so fast than algeria

Thank you for your messages
Maybe we can look into that but we have lasted this long so I think it's genuine --it's just distance is the problem 😄 Xx


My boyfriend and I are going through the same situation.  I am American and he is from Tabessa, Algeria.  We are so crazy about eachother and I do not want to wait so long for us to be together😣

hello how are you i think you are good dont worry me too i htabe american girl ferind its was with me last month
so but you need he bring you at arrport you konw ? for make you sur
and you know you'r boy ;) but algeria its not carzy not like america but oky

Hi -thanks for your message.

We have been together for 3 years now and hoping to get married this year  but not sure where we will live in the future . I would still like him to come and visit the UK but we can’t get a visa so I only get to see him once a year in algeria 😞

Good luck- hope it all works out for you 😄

So then u have to marry first, u try to take visa by marriage to live in UK. ıts ll ve easy like that guess :)

I wish it was that easy -they change  visa uk rules in 2014 . I must earn a large Salary and the visa costs DZD 234931 so not quite so easy as it used to be 😊

:D ı understanding what u feel or think or worry, Its like u need to prepare documents and do it then they are have to  accept ıt cuz he is married with u, actualy ıts not hard in turkey ıf u have good economiy, ı dont have problem to about take visa to gf , but the foreging mary need some money, but ıf u ll live in algeria 500 dolars enough for live good in there live normal algerian but ıts depends to area like center or center out :D

I have to earn £18600 a year salary so even if we marry he can’t come unless I earn this...and I don’t 😂😂
Maybe I will  live in algeria one day 😄😄

ıf ı ll be ur side ı ll do it to, If ı have 2 home in istanbul, lL give it  to rent and ll live in algeria easy :) If u have something like that, then ll do ıt easy, even u havent any thing, ur  future husband ll  care u ofc dont wory, So algeria is best choise, İnşallah u ll be happy int there, İf ı can mary with my gf, from algeria, Think about to move there but need to learn some language, arabic or french but ıts hard :D thats why  ım stresfull a little to :D

I see your guys messages,but it makes a little scared and sad.  I am so crazy about my boyfriend and I want nothing more than for him to come to US with me.  I have 2 children so me living in Algeria is impossible.  I just pray...Inshallah all will work out one day😊

Thank you -it’s nice to know we aren’t the only ones going through all this ! I can speak some French and I’m trying to learn Berber and Arabic but they are so difficult . My children are mostly grown up now but they still need their Mum 😊
Anyway-lots of luck and hopefully we will find a way to make our dreams come true 🤞

Please please please consider the fact that he may only be using you for your UK citizenship. I am an Algerian and US citizen and whenever I go to Algeria my family members always ask if there is someone they can marry, anybody, even if they're way older than them. Every Algerian man I have met in the US got their citizenship by first marrying a American woman, then divorcing her and then going to find their Algerian wife. I will refuse to say all because I don't know your specific case but most Algerian men would never marry someone older, would never marry someone divorced, would never marry someone who already has kids, would never marry someone who was not raised Muslim, unless it was just to get the citizenship. In fact that is how my dad got citizenship in the US. He married an American. Did his two years, got divorced, married my mom in Algeria, came back and never looked back. There is this community of Algerians in my hometown that I grew up with all with Algerian wives. It wasn't until I was 18 or so that I found out they all did the same. Because they never mentioned it or talked about it. Algerian men do not care. If I showed you the amount of messages I have piling up from Algerian men it will astound you. Why? Because they're all pining for that green card. And just because you've met the family doesn't really mean anything. They're usually all in on it. Don't just take my word on it: … age-fraud/

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Hi -thanks for your advice . I have read a lot about this and I know in the beginning he wanted a visa and maybe he will come to the uk and only stay with me for 10 years ( he has to stay that long now because the visa system has changed and he can be deported before he gains citizenship if he divorces me before this)
The problem is I love him and I believe he loves me ... it’s a difficult thing because we place our trust in someone and we take the risk because of love but I could do the same with an English man and he take me for everything I have . I share every day in Skype and FaceTime -we talk about everything ,he is caring and compassionate and his family have always welcomed me as one of their own.
I do understand exactly what you are saying and I have thought about the future but life is short and maybe this relationship will be in the 2% that aren’t just for a visa 😊

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