Met an Algerian Muslim man online and wanting more info.

I am from the USA and met a man online from Algeria. I know nothing about Algeria and get mixed results when I google it.
I may come back and ask questions as things go along but for not I am just seeing if he likes me for me or wanting to become a US citizen. He has a job there that I don't know if he would leave to move here. I am cautious just putting it out there before getting hat messages lol. He also grew up in france where his parents live and he is able to visit every 4 months or so he says lol.

Anyhow he says crocheting is something they respect i guess or find attractive maybe. Is this true? What else should I be weary of?

I also met an Algerian man online.  We have been Skyping for three months and he wants me to come to Batna to visit him.  I am very nervous about this.  I have been trying to get information on how I can do a background check but I always come to a dead end.  I am also nervous about some things I have read online regarding human trafficing.  I don't know what to do.

Hey snow423, don't be nervous at all, Algeria its a nice country, and ur bf you know him more than anyone else, your welcome anytime. U got another friend if u wanna any information keeping in touch.

To inform_me
Hey there, wish everything ok with you, I wanna answer you and give you more information about batna, I'm living near it its a nice province
People there are friendly, I don't know ur bf to judge him, you know him better, anyway I'm here for helps. just keeping in touch

Hey! Maybe can you help me too? Or you can give a advice.   :unsure

Hey, how's you?
OK, I can help you or advise you, with pleasure

How to find a person in Algeria? If i know not much about, age, his work, but dont know exact the place where he live.

Your as you looking for a needle in a haystack.. lol.
You know his name, age, work but how come he didn't telling you where he's living exactly!
You didn't asked him?

I think that he live in Adrar. Problem that i didn't hear from him half year.. you know, i not very interesting where exact he live because i didn't plan to go to Algeria. And i know him 11 years. I liked  to discuss with him about many things. And his numbers not working get. I dont know what to do and how to find him.

OK, give me his name, his work, and his phone number.
Tell me since how much time you didn't heard from him?

Send me it in private plz


I m an algerian citizen living and working in algeria
I have to tell you that unfortunetly like most of the arab countries, immigration is on every arab's brain, it's like something on their bucket list that they have to achieve in their lifes no matter how long it takes.
the direction is of course the west (western countries) and not the east since every thing that we see from like we say in arabic "the softness of our nails" which is our early childhood to our period of being adult is the west and its perfection (on the tv) in all fields that people became obssesed about just leaving their countries and leave toward the west and not searching what made the west so rich and learn from it.
I m just giving you a different perspective about it from the inner algerian society.
when it comes to becoming a US citizen i have to tell you that most of the arab muslim or non arab muslim and particularly algerians who move to america that they don't give a thing about their citizenship and they don't be patriots and it is this small percentage of people who are causing some of the problems in america since they got every thing they wanted but they can't fit in due to their cultural and religious background and not having lived in a diversed envirment prior to their immigration.
Most of the algerian could do any thing to reach the west and if he has really lived in france and has a french citizenship then i don't thing you have to worry about it but still get to know him more.
here's some of the links to know the arab mentality of few personalities and arab intellectuals who stand up for to make a change by telling the truth.
i would be delighted to help you if you have more questions
and btw i m new here and this is my first comment lol
the videos above are from different arab countries but the core of the idea is deep within all societies.
if you're a jew or an atheist unfortunatly you will not be accepted by most of the people here since the algerian society is one of the most antisemetic societies in the world.
here's a social expriment of jew in algeria, the guy who did the expirment is happy about the antisemetic reactions.

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