Women and girls in Algeria

Hi all! I want to visit Algeria next year (specifically Tipaza province). Now I´m in a phase when I´m searching for any info about visiting this beautiful country and mainly about Kabylia  :heart:  But there are some things which I consider to ask people who really KNOW so I´m very glad that I´ve found this forum :-*
First, I want to say I know that Algeria is not like Saudi Arabia or Iran of course, hhh and I laugh when somebody asks women who marry a Muslim (or only visit muslim country!) if they have to wear veil because I´m sure these opinions are wrong and exaggerated (actually I read that Algeria is the most open-minded country in NA in terms of attitude to women)  but I´m a normal young girl from Central it a big difference??? I know it depends mostly on the man who I´d like to visit there and know him in his millieu because different people have different cultural/family background and upbringing, but I mean in general...
It has never been my style to wear miniskirts and short tops or to sunbath without top of swimsuit (but in terms of visiting beach, on the other side, I´d rather stayed in a hotel than go to the beach in burkini :-/ ) so I think I don´t have problem with decent clothes but how people react? Are there girls without hijabs in the streets? (Tipaza isn´t a big city but it´s a tourist centre so I hope they are used to it!). Can they go outside with their boyfriend or husband together? Because everytime when I see photos of young people in any muslim country boys and girls are separated.
And what about married women? Do they prefer to stay at home with children or they work after finishing maternity leave (again, I mean in general...)?
I hope I don´t offend anybody here by my questions! Just asking! It´s not about prejudices but every country in the world have different culture that´s why.
PS: Is anybody here who lives or lived in Kabylia? Really I´ve fallen in love with this region and want to know everything  :heart: Or if you know some good websites - I´ve found something already but will be happy for any further info.
Thank you! xxx

yes, there are girls without hijab in streets here and yes, women could hang out with their husbands ! no problem on that

no problem and never mind

I wouldnt say that Algeria is the morst openminded in N Africa people here are still conservative , Tunisia and Morrocco are way more openminded and westernized, anyway Kabylia is more open minded and less religious so it would suit to a european girl

I wouldnt say that Algeria is the morst openminded in N Africa people here are still conservative , Tunisia and Morrocco are way more openminded and westernized, anyway Kabylia is more open minded and less religious so it would suit to a european girl

Thanks for your replies. And what about for example this-[link moderated] ? Is it normal thinking in Algeria or is she just crazy? o.O :-D

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I know we are on anglophone forum, but I ask Algerians and I´m sure that almost all Algerians know French ;-) And cannot find this article in English ;-) so I translate this link from French to English via Google translator: "In Algeria, a minister calls on married women to return their wages to the state. Mounia Meslem, who is in charge of national solidarity, considers that women senior officials have husbands to maintain them. It provoked an outcry.
How can we help Algeria to cope with the fall in oil prices that are dangerously plaguing its public accounts? Mounia Meslem, the Algerian Minister for National Solidarity, Family and the Status of Women, had an idea: married women executives in the civil service should give their wages to the state ... since they have a husband To maintain them."

So again, I just wanted to know is it normal thinking in Algerian society that (married) women don´t need their own money because they have husbands or is it only isolated opininion?

Lolololol, no its not a normal thinking, omg thats a disaster, this women must be on crack, its really commun that algerian politician say crazy stuff like that it doesnt réflect the way of thinking of the people lol dont worry

Hi there. i am a bit curious. yo started with he situation of women in Algeria. you got some different  feedback and now sudden ask a question related to the right of the women in Algeria.
Now is me who will ask you a direct question. how that will help you knowing the right of women in Algeria? knowing that your pure intention is to visit Algeria in General.
Algeria is indeed not Saudi Arabia but we are a country were people sill attached to their religion, custom and tradition. women in Algeria are more independent than some western countries where i Lived 17 yeas. women in Algeria t least  are not exposed naked for lingerie advert or others.

Good morning my dear brother. it is indeed kabilie is open minded but no less religious as u mentioned i am origin from beni douala and lived most of my life between Algiers and UK   so please correct your information
best regards

Yes, of course, the best way to know is visiting, but I think it´s normal to ask  before about everything you are interested in and not only "where are the most beautiful monuments" and "how are the hotel prices" :-) I don´t mean it offensively, but I think I should consider all possible differencies especially when I´m from central-European mostly atheistic country, not experienced traveller and probably coming alone  :-( But of course, Algeria is not like Saudi Arabia, I´m not worried about this and politicians say crazy stuff everywhere and I don´t want to draw wrong conclusions...

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