looking for learning korean??

hi every one
i really love Korean language , i have tried to use YouTube and others side for learning Korean, but i always learn vocabulary and some words , and i have to pay money to continue learning,
i want to learn directly with someone , not by E learning.
so I'm looking for someone to teaching my Korean?

any help??

yes of course i have a koryen friend he can teach you ..

hi im interested in the same language and i want to have lessons with u , but i doubt that the korean teacher will not have money in return and if he wants arabic or english or guitars teaching in return im ready and if he wants money we can share ?

Hi Fatms,

There is an Organization here in Egypt and all over the world
Called : Koica

This organization aims to teach Korean language all over the world for free.

I'm from portsaid and they got a branch there, and they have a branch up here in Cairo but idk the a dress.

It's a non profitable organization "So u won't pay any thing for learning + u may get a scholarship and travel to Korea for 1 year to study more about Korean'S Culture.

I've a friend got it and just come back from Korea from about 2 months now.

Google it & good luck
I really don't know much about it, but for any question u can call me

Yousef Hammad

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Idk if I'm allowed to put links here or not

Main site:

Koica Egypt Facebook page: … 81148&_rdr

i got the Facebook link Copied from my phone
That's why the link start with m. ;) "https://m.".
If it didn't open with u, just google Koica Egypt

Hi..I just moved from Dubai a month back.
It means less friends, more time.

I can teach you for sure. By the way, I'm Korean.
You can call me or email me.(syswith[at] / 010 1345 5539)

I am mostly free after 7pm(weekdays), Sat afternoon & evening.

Yousif, is there a Koica in Kuwait?
if you know about it just tell me ^^

Hey guys, I'm really interested in the Korean culture generally and their language as well. I'm also quite keen on learning Korean because I'm probably going to study there soon. Need help learning the language please and making new Korean friends to learn their culture and practice the language. Ideas? Anyone? :)
Much appreciated you guys!

I have a Korean Friend here in Egypt,

I can contact you with her

Please send me your email***

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hey guys,KOICA courses times are at my work time so anyone can help me to learn korean at evening?

I can't get hold of them please send me their contacts if u have it

Hey there my email is *** my name is mahmoud and if you want my number send me email please i really want to learn korean language and I can't find anywhere i can learn

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Hi everyone,

I suggest you post and ad in the Language classes in Cairo section if you want to lay your hand on somebody who can teach you Korean.

Don't forget to specify "Korean language".

Best of luck.
Bhavna  ;)

Hi I would also like to learn Korean! if possible can he also contact me?

hello, i was wondering if youre still residing in cairo, if youare i would love to learn korean if its possible. thank you, and hope to hear back soon!!

hey everyone .....i can teach you korean language with a very low budget....i learned it by myself now i can talk to koreans freely ......if interested contact me

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