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Hello everyone,

We are very pleased to announce the New Aqaba forum. :)

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Thank YOU!!! :one

I am moving to aqaba from states in october.I would like to teach or tutor english for I do not speak arabic or have teacher license. I need to work so if some one can help I would greatly appreciate some information. Thank you


thanks good idea

if  you visit  petra let   me know  if  you need any hel pher

thanks, sounds super!

thank you, where are you living?

@ sheenspot: to whom you are talking to?
Your responses makes not sense at all!

sorry I was talking to desert wolf about the visit to Petra

If you would like to meet alot of expats, I would suggest stopping by the family friendly Formosa Chinese Restaurant behind Mcdonalds. Sometimes there are Karaoke Nights there. You can also reserve the second floor for big parties or gatherings which is equipped as well with a karaoke machine and a bar.

thank you sheenspot if  you visit petra try to call me i live in little petra bedouin villge 0776882309

I got hired todsy at the gemini training center in new zarqa to teach conversational english 600 jd a month plus apartment .I was ready to pack n leave jordan. I like to know can I live off this being alone.

owk.. this might sound funny.. but..i ve been to Formosa multiple times and i eat there on regular basis.. never knew there was a second floor!...

Thanks why i love expats end up giving locals advice!.. AMAZING! lool..


how is it going for you Shirley so far ? let us know what happened so far ?

Hello Eman,

Please note that Shirley is no longer on, however, if you need feedbacks, you may start a new topic on the Aqaba forum, i am sure this will help you  :)



I am looking for Myanmar / Burmese living in Jordan. Do you know anyone.


hello ..
Actually no i do not any of the above nationalities. but you can check with the embassey.

we do not have an embassey in amman but the nearest one is in egypt ; you can find its details on the below link: … r-in-egypt

you cna contact them and they can guide you and connect you with nationals in Jordan.

hope this helped.



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