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It's not always easy for foreigners to find work in Bangkok, as there are restrictions on what positions foreign workers can fill, as well as quotas and criteria that companies need to meet. However, don't let the difficulties in obtaining a position and permit deter you, as Bangkok is an energetic and rapidly developing city, where there are still opportunities for expatriates — especially those who are highly skilled in their field or have teaching qualifications.

Many jobs undertaken by foreigners fall into the following areas — IT and communications, marketing and advertising, editorial, teaching, or acting and modelling. If you've got experience in hotel management, it's also worth contacting the top hotels in Bangkok, as larger chains are often happy to fill their high-level management positions with foreign nationals.

Working in Bangkok

It's worth starting your search well in advance of your intended departure, and it's advisable to acquire the necessary Non-Immigrant Visa and work permit in your home country beforehand. It is important to have a good command of English if you want to work in Bangkok, and it is also worth starting to learn Thai once you arrive, as this willl ease your transition and allow you to communicate at ease.

You will need to ensure that your means of employment can cover your living expenses in the capital, as the cost of living in Bangkok is a lot more expensive than in other parts of the country. The dazzling attractions of rooftop bars, fine dining establishments, shopping malls and modern accommodation can all add up. That said, it is possible to live in the city on a modest budget, so long as you are happy to eat street food and rent in a more remote area, without the trappings of a luxurious expat life.

Salaries do tend to be about 30% higher in the capital than in other parts of the country but, if your priority is just to live in Bangkok because you love it so much, then it may be worth lowering your salary expectations in order to do so. Alternatively, it's worth accepting a job that may pay less but that will provide accommodation and other benefits.

Searching for a job in Bangkok

Many multinational corporations have a branch in Bangkok. However, relocation packages are normally only offered for very high skilled jobs, and many foreign employees are recruited from within a company. Firstly, see if it's possible to negotiate an internal transfer with the company you already working for. If this isn't an option, then it's worth looking on the websites of international companies in Thailand to see if there are any vacanices suitable for you.

It's generally a good idea to begin your search online on Thai job websites. It's also worth checking for jobs posted in Facebook groups. A Skype interview for any job you find may suffice in securing your position in advance.

Alternatively, you can look for a job while in Bangkok. However, do be aware that this could be a lengthy process and that you'll need to consider visa restrictions. If you do take this route, it is worth contacting a recruitment agency in Bangkok as they will have the necessary contacts and know the best options available to you. In the meantime, also try searching in the English newspapers, such as The Bangkok Post and The Nation. There are lots of cafes and hotels that display these papers everyday if you want to quickly browse through the job sections.

Numerous networking events are also held in Bangkok, so you could attend some of these to meet people and make connections.

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