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:idontagree:   Hi my friends out there...I would really like to extend my friendship and welcome to any job related to Vietnamese, English and Thai (conversational) speaking. (I graduated from Hanoi University with English major)

I've been staying in Bangkok for over 1 year and would stay here forever more :) because I have non-o visa , seeking more friends and seeking for any things around my life.

Thanks for reading this brief and welcome any one who would like to connect with me as friends
reach me here or my FB: mikie tran na ka

Hello mikie.tran,

Welcome to :)

Concerning your job search, i suggest you to have a look to the Jobs in Bangkok section please, you may also create an ad for your job hunt but make sure to choose the category that matches your qualifications and skills. :)

I also suggest you to have a look to some recruitment websites on the internet, it may also help.

Have a nice day,

Priscilla team

Hi Priscilla,

Thanks  so much for your comment and recommendation.

Have a nice day, my friend

Hello mikie.tran,

You're welcome ! ;)

Priscilla team

hi friend, perhaps you can send me your resume.  I have a small travel agency in bangkok, near sukhumvit area
can you speak thai? and how long have you been in thailand ?

Dear Jinta,
I've sent an email to your email address: (havelada30[at] )
if you have any more question, can contact me at my given mobile number and email address.

Minh Tran

Hi Minh Tran,

Do you want to work as Sales in a powder coatings manufacturer? We need a Sales to take care and communicate with Thai Customers.

If yes, pls send me your CV.

Le Tien

Hello Le Tien,

Welcome to :)

For your job offer, you should post an ad in the appropriate section of the site; which is the Sales Jobs in Bangkok section.

Thank you,

Shaazia Team

Hi Mikie Tran

Could you please send your CV to our company email (Autobot.main[at] Our company have plan to expand market to Vietnam.

We need some Officer to translate the content (From English -> Vietnam), Take care of our Facebook Page for Vietnamese and ETC. Our Company was near Siam Area

If you need more information, don't be hesitate to contact me :)


@ Autobot > It would be best if you can post your job offer in the jobs section here : as it is more appropriate.

Please read the Thailand forum code of conduct for more information. :)



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I am Looking for job in Bangkok, Thailand.  I've been a sale marketing more than 2 years and i am now is assistant director but i will end of my contract with my company the end of this month because the project is done already. I am open to lookout of new opportunity to enjoy and improve my skill as well .i came across of your website company and i tried to find an opportunity in your company and i found this position i love it. I would like to contribute my job skills, my knowledge so please do take a look my profile. I hope that we will able to establish a good working relationship. if you have any interested in or any company in Bangkok looking for vietnamese who is speaking Thai-English - Vietnamese please lets me know. Thanks for advances!


Line : lanalibra89

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