The labour market in Bangkok

The labour market in Bangkok
Updated 2022-05-08 14:45

There is an abundance of opportunities in the Land of Smiles, especially in Bangkok, and most are coming here, thinking that only teaching is the job available. That is simply untrue as there are many possible jobs the place can offer.

Given that a lot of opportunities are present, the unemployment rate is also low as there are many full-time and part-time jobs available in almost all sectors. According to the data from the National Statistics Office, the average monthly wage in Thailand ranges from 325 baht a day or 14,075.55 THB per month which has increased from 13, 877.7 THB/month in 2017. Let's take a look at the jobs open to foreigners in Bangkok and those that are prohibited for foreigners, along with some useful tips for the positions mentioned.

The most promising fields for foreigners


A lot of teaching opportunities are readily available in Bangkok and nearly all parts of Thailand, especially for Native English Speakers. It is also the largest market for expats. English teachers are needed for elementary, high school, colleges, and universities. Starting salaries can range from THB 35k-60k, and if you have settled and gained experience, it can increase up to THB 80k-100k. Aside from having a full-time job in teaching, many teachers earn extra money by giving private tuition outside, or they call it afterschool.

Most people who want to teach are looking up to Ajarn as it is a very good source of finding teaching jobs. The job description is readily available on this website. You may apply through the provided details on the website.

Content writing

One of the best jobs offered in Bangkok is content writing for blogs, magazines, and for large publications. Since writing is a practiced skill, it also pays well. There are endless opportunities for writers, whether full-time or part-time. The more experience you have, the more money you will gain.

Most people are travelling around and gaining cash due to selling their experiences. You don't need to be a very great writer to be able to create an article, just make sure you know all the basics. You can check websites like Upwork and Freelancer for part-time writing jobs.


Foreign embassies and the United Nations have a wide choice of job opportunities for everyone. They occasionally post with their specific requirements, but the process would take longer. You will need to check the website from time to time and wait patiently.

IT and web development

A large number of digital nomads move to Bangkok and other parts of Thailand to live and work. With the country's fast internet and modern technologies, many are enticed to come and apply for jobs here. Aside from those, many multinational companies are providing good pay and benefits.

Good to know:

Some good news for digital nomads: Phuket officials are considering a visa scheme for digital professionals who plan to live and work remotely from Thailand. Under the proposed legislation, eligible expats will be able to apply for a work permit and stay on the island of Phuket for six months to a year.

Hotel and restaurants

Many hotels, spas, resorts, and restaurants are opting to hire foreigners as they need people to cater to their expat market. The hospitality industry and other related fields are in demand in Bangkok. Make sure to have more experience so you can set your price high when introducing yourself to the companies. These jobs usually pay around 35,000 ' 80,000 THB, depending on your level and the role you are applying to.

Jobs that are prohibited to expats

Below is the list of jobs that can't be done or applied to by foreigners:

  • Manual work
  • Agriculture
  • Bricklaying, carpentry, or other construction work
  • Wood carving
  • Driving motor vehicles or vehicles which do not use machinery or mechanical devices, except piloting aircraft internationally
  • Front shop sales and auction sale work
  • Supervising, auditing, or giving service in accountancy
  • Cutting or polishing precious or semi-precious stones
  • Haircutting, hairdressing, or beautification
  • Cloth weaving by hand
  • Mat weaving or making utensils from reed, rattan, jute, hay, or bamboo
  • Making rice paper by hand
  • Lacquer work
  • Making Thai musical instruments
  • Niello work
  • Goldsmith, silversmith, or gold/copper alloy smith work
  • Stonework
  • Making Thai dolls
  • Making mattresses or quilts
  • Making alms bowls
  • Making silk products by hand
  • Making Buddha images
  • Knifemaking
  • Making paper or cloth umbrellas
  • Making shoes
  • Making hats
  • Brokerage or agency except in international trading
  • Professional civil engineering concerning design and calculation, systemization, analysis, planning, testing, construction supervision, or consulting services, excluding work requiring specialized techniques
  • Professional architectural work concerning design, drawing/making, cost estimation, or consulting services
  • Dressmaking
  • Pottery
  • Cigarette rolling by hand
  • Tour guiding or conducting
  • Hawking of goods & Thai typesetting by hand
  • Unwinding and twisting silk by hand
  • Clerical or secretarial work
  • Providing legal services or engaging in legal work
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