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Like many big cities worldwide, Dakar also attracts foreigners in large numbers by providing numerous accommodation offers.

Would you like to settle in Dakar? Find out more about accommodation in the Senegalese capital city in this article.

If you are about to travel to Dakar, you should know beforehand that accommodation might be hard to find there. In fact, being Senegal's capital city, Dakar does host a range of accommodation options, but you are less likely to settle there for many reasons such as air and noise pollution, traffic jam, etc. Hence, you are advised to inquire on its neighborhoods and on types of accommodation which are available there so as to determine which one would best suit your needs.


Make sure, during your housing search, that you will not have to travel for long hours to and from your workplace.


There will be many issues to consider before relocating to Dakar such as your place of work, schools, amenities, leisure activities, etc. You would also probably consider a neighborhood where you are more likely to find expatriate families. In general, these have settled in the city's outskirts so as to avoid pollution problems.

Almadie and Yoff Virage, for instance, are very popular with expatriates for being close to the sea, free from pollution, quiet and hosting many local shops. You are very likely to find houses with a garden and a swimming pool there. If you are moving there with children, you will have no trouble in finding schools in these areas. Yoff Virage, for its part, is famous for its tranquility and its inhabitants' friendliness.

Point E and Fann host many small houses and villas with gardens. It is known for being a very active and dynamic neighborhood, providing many economic and leisure activities. These neighborhoods are quite close to the city center and to the East Corniche and are ideal for expat families. Note, however, that rent prices there can be quite high.

Plateau is less attractive for expat families due to a high level of pollution. Although you can find some houses with gardens, you are more likely to find apartment buildings surrounded by noise and dust. However, the neighborhood hosts many shops and commercial areas.

If you prefer to settle in Hann, you can choose between Marist and Marinas. Marist, which is outside the city center, is a relatively quiet place with large houses and gardens, as well as many shops. Children, for their part, can enjoy the equestrian club, the zoo and Hann Park. As regards Marinas, it is deemed to be a really safe and peaceful area, located close to the Golden Veil beach. You are likely to find a blending of local and expatriate families there. Moreover, you can enjoy various activities such as sailing, boats, etc.

Amitié and Sacré Coeur are Dakar's main residential areas, providing many large and luxurious housing units. Both are known to be safe and quiet neighborhoods, hosting shops, schools and other facilities.

Baobab, which is found between Mermoz and SICAP Amitié, extends from Bourguiba Avenue to the VDN. It is a lively neighborhood where you are likely to find many rental offers.

H.L.M. Grand Médine is a residential neighborhood which is found between the famous Parcelles Assainies, Yoff Djily Mbaye and Diamalaye. The area hosts many beach villas and many amenities such as schools, post office, etc., despite being very calm.

Finally, Mermoz is very popular with foreigners, European in particular, for its apartments and houses.

Rent prices

Rent prices in Dakar are rather higher than those in other Senegalese cities. These, of course, vary according to the type of accommodation, size and comfort level. Hence, you might need several hundred dollars, that is more than a thousand euros per month.

In 2014, however, due to the increasingly high rent prices, the Senegalese government has recommended a consequent decrease ranging from 4%, 14% to 29% for people who are already tenants. Therefore, make sure to have read and understood your lease documents in this regard before signing.

Find accommodation

Unless you are already on the spot, the best way to find accommodation in Dakar is to register with a real estate agency. The latter will make sure to find appropriate accommodation for you according to your criteria. You can also stroll around the different neighborhoods so as to find vacant housing units. Otherwise, you can browse housing listings on the Internet and in local newspapers.


Before signing your lease documents, make sure that the housing unit is equipped with air conditioning, a power supply backup, a water filter, etc.

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