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Find out in this article how to proceed to find accommodation in Ziguinchor, which is one of Senegal's major cities.

Ziguinchor is undeniably one of Senegal's major cities and popular destination with foreigners. Although finding accommodation there is rather difficult, the city has been attracting expatriates in large numbers for several years, not only for the opportunities it provides but also for its huge cultural heritage. Maybe you also have been seduced by its cultural side if you intend to settle there.


Ziguinchor is divided into three departments, namely Bignona, Oussouye and Ziguinchor, 8 districts, namely Diouloulou, Tenghory, Tendouck, Sindian, Kabrousse, Loudia-Oulof, Niaguis and Niassya, and five towns, Bignona Diouloulou, Thionck-Essyl, Oussouye and Ziguinchor. The city also consists of 25 rural communities and some 502 villages.

Note that most of Ziguinchor's inhabitants live in the rural areas, as well as in Bignona and Oussouye.


Let not Ziguinchor's rural characteristics mislead you. If you have decided to settle there, you have probably been charmed by its traditional and cultural treasures. In fact, the city hosts not only foreign organizations and ancient historical buildings, but also a craft market consisting of 13 types of businesses. You will also find many markets around Saint-Maur, Boucotte and Escale.

Further in Djibelor, you will find a crocodile farm, and in Bandial, the Cases with impluvium which have been listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Finally, the birds' island holds an immense treasure via various bird species.

Find accommodation

The Société Nationale des Habitations à Loyer modéré (SNHLM) recently announced the construction of 102 housing units in Ziguinchor. But you are advised to contact this authority to inquire on related conditions and formalities.

Therefore, on your arrival in Ziguinchor, you could rent a hotel room until you find the housing unit which best suits your needs. If you are already on the spot, you can start your search by inquiring with the locals. Having a network of contacts will also be a considerable advantage. Otherwise, you can also register with a real estate agency. Note, however, that you will be required to pay agency fees.

If you are looking for accommodation, you can as well browse listings on the Internet, but avoid making any advance payment before going on the spot to visit the housing unit.

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