Property Insurance in Italy

Hello all,
Does anyone know any information or site where we can buy house fire, earthquake, or theft insurance for the property in Italy?

There are many insurance companies in Italy who can sell you house insurance, on line and in the street, also try yellow pages ,on line, to find a list local to you, but it is doubtful you will get earthquake insurance as all insurance is very expensive and adding earthquake (if you can get it) will be extortionately expensive, in the thousands.
The government have a system that if your property is damaged by an earthquake they can give a grant with a very low rate of interest to help you rebuild.
We were told generally look for huge cracks to indicate damage from disturbance in the past, if the house has no cracks is in good condition, it is usually safe but also any building built or renovated since 2000 should have incorporated anti seismic works either in the foundations or by having a continuous pour roof to prevent the building from twisting.
A structural survey will answer most of your concerns .
Hope you find what you need