Keeping busy as a 70 year old expat lady

Hello, can anyone talk about what they do to occupy their time as a single lady> 
Visit your local Centre Communitaire! You'll find interesting classes and activities and you'll meet people!
Hello, I'm a retired lady over 75 and can recommend some activities :
- learn another language which entails written exercises
- cultivate a manual activity, take care of house plants, garden if you are lucky enough to have one!
- join the local library and take out books in your preferred language
- cook a different dish every two or three days and invite someone to try it
- sort out clothing and books and donate them to local charities
- read the books you've been intending to read for a long time
- repair any torn clothing - knitting in front of the telly is great in the winter!
- keep in touch with friends and family, create your family tree by doing some research on line
- join one of the painting, drawing, ceramics classes offered by local association
- adopt an animal, a dog needs a walk twice a day and a cat is just perfect for contemplation!
- have an exercise routine to do at home or in the park in order to keep fit
I hope some of these suggestions are tempting to you ... enjoy them!
Of course, there's always shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing !!!

@Islandlady - hi, I'm a young 67, so I guess you're young too! There are many things to keep busy - for example, I swim at least 3x/week.  I run on some alternate days. I look to explore places I haven't been and try to get there; for example, markets/towns, etc. I check out what concerts are around, what operas are being done, what exhibitions are in the museums. I don't know if any of this helps but thought I would try at least to give some ideas. Good luck. 

Hi it depends on where you are located, your surroundings, neighborhood etc, one good start will be to prioritise your interest.

Explore what you need and try to work on that, would be happy to know your interest so that many here can guide you further more.
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