Moving to Spain 2022

Hi! I'm Jill, I'm nearly 54 (eeek!) and work remotely in the UK. My parents have lived in Andalucia for 20 years and after looking at my life I would also like to move to Spain however I don't know how easy this is now.

The situation is complex with my parent's and due to health reason's may be moving back to the UK.

Has anybody made the move to Spain post Brexit and is it still possible to do?

Thank you

Hi Jill

Me to am nearly 54 and I've just moved to Spain well lanzarote, you have to go through the visa route to get here, I went through the non lucrative visa it's the easiest, I did it myself it's a lot of paperwork and a certain criteria, all information is on line, I applied to the Manchester consulate there are 2 the other is London they have a website, my parents also live mainland Spain but this does not make a difference you have to apply for yourself if you need any help or information with the process I'd be happy to help 😀
I too am trying to move to Spain with my family.
How long did the process take you?
We had our interview with the London consulate in Nov 2021 and we are still waiting to hear.

Good afternoon and congratulations on your decision to move to Spain.

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Hi Sheryl.

Congratulations on your move.

We are trying to move to Spain and have applied for the non lucrative visas, but the Consulate in London are now asking us to prove that we dont work in England. Obviously we know that we cant work in Spain under the non lucrative visa but we need to work in England until we can go.

Did you have to prove this?