Cosmetic surgery in Turkey


Am strongly considering travelling to Turkey from UK in Spring time and wondered if anyone could recommend a reputable hospital in Turkey to undertake cosmetic surgery.

Any experiences that anyone is also willing to share?

Thanks for reading

It depends on what is the surgery you intend to do

Improvement on abdomen area

Incognito2411 wrote:

Improvement on abdomen area

It didn't work very well for Katie Price "Jordan".  Just saying!

Thanks, wasn't aware of that - will check it out  :)

Come to Pakistan, it is also cheaper.  Dr. Saleem
there are other doctors as well in the city of Lahore. You can also enjoy beautiful tourist sites during stay here

Thank you.  Do you recommend any hospitals?

Well I live in Islamabad but have friends in Lahore who can identify well reputed ones. Once you finalise your plan then please let me know. Regards

Meanwhile you can simply google with enquiries like  'best cosmetic surgeons in Lahore' and read the reviews.

It would be helpful if you could provide the names of the hospitals and then I can research - saves a lot of time.

Many thanks

Plastic Surgery Clinic Latif Hospital?

Am not filled with confidence by any clinics in Lahore - all the ones I've emailed I've received no replies.........

@Incognito2411 hello I can recommend a good clinic adresse in turkey, I recently had my surgery there and it was amazing the result the service everything went well for me

thats great Hanna. But I dont intend going for any surgery for now. Good to know that you are happy and satisfied. Where do you live in Turkey? Istanbul?

@Incognito2411  hello, if you want to have more information about cosmetic surgery in Turkey , İstanbul contact me. I have patients coming from all over Europeen countries and they were left satisfied.

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Are you a cosmetic surgeon?

If you are, you can add your services in the Turkey business directory.

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I would not risk flying to Turkey from the UK because even though some plastic surgeries are much cheaper in Turkey, you also need to understand that you have to pay for the restoration there, as well as for the flight and so on. Almost the same money comes if you had this plastic surgery in the UK. And in general, you need to be one hundred percent sure of your surgeon and the clinic where you will do plastic surgery. Before doing a Mommy Makeover New Jersey, I consulted my plastic surgeon a lot.

Plastic surgery and aesteric well known things in turkey and wery advenced.

Turkey is cheap bc of manpower

But doctors and technologies are wery improved.

i got hair transplant and i m wery satisfied.

i can give some advice if someone need .


Thanks for letting us know as I am interested also and I never thought about Pakistan :)

@Incognito2411 I had a mummy makeover with a UK company called Care by Carla. They select the best surgeons in Turkey and offer safeguards and protections to ensure that your surgery is successful. You can lean more about them at [link moderated].

Cosmetic surgery, I hate it, my wife is beautiful as she is, even if ugly she is still my wife, Surgery is fine if it is for health, not for cosmetics.

Inside is what is important, not outside. Decadent I think to have money for these things first of all and even if you have enough still I do not think it is needed.

I am not poor and I am respected, even without teeth, going for a bath once per 3 weeks, barber once per 2 weeks (my wife insists), my hairs have not been cut for 8 years.

Bottom line being ugly outside does not mean ugly inside (even if this post is not very positive)

Did they have cosmetic surgeaons 200 years ago?

Apologies for my comment, but more principal views.

Not per se linked to Turkey (very good doctors I have to say)

@Incognito2411 Well, you chose well! Turkey is a popular destination for medical tourism, including cosmetic surgery. Acibadem is one of the most reputable hospitals for cosmetic surgery. Ofc, there are other choice too. So, do your research and ensure that the hospital and surgeon you choose are reputable.

Finding a really good,caring doctor is hard nowadays.Thanks God I met with my doctor and his team and they were so caring,and that felt me really special.If you want I can send my before after photos.:)

@dilalbra Caring for what?

How you look is not too important or is it (what is inside, caring, frienliness), my wife is beautiful as she is.

Why do somebody nees cosmetic things, your husband/wife accepts and marries you I think.

I hate

@dilalbra hello, did you have your surgery in Turkey? Would you mind telling more me about it? Like the clinic and doctor? Thanks a lot

People should you like as you are, I do not have any teeth, I think I am ugly by most standards, who cares, what is inside is more important. (Just my view) . I can eat, I can drink, I can smoke.

My employers had not problem for me not to be a photo-model. (and when hiring people I looked at there know-how and personality (not at all on how they look))

Turkey is excellent (I live there) and probably doctors as well and I am sure they will accomodate cosmetic treatments, the latter am I sad to say how decadent people have become (was there any cosmetic treatment 200 years ago?)