I Immigrate to the US to start a Business or work there as an employee

Hello to all my brothers and sisters, citizens of the world.

Let me Introduce myself, I am Olivier GATABANTOU NMPOSSI, I live in Paris in France and I plan to expatriate to the United States of America for a change of air, to rebuild my life in the united state of america over time and why not work there ( create or take over a business on site) or there (do training on site and look for work in various sectors).

I also want to immigrate to the United State of America  to improve my English and change of air.

I am writing to you because I wanted to have information concerning the obtaining of the American Green Card (the famous American green card) in the country of uncle sam.

I started to do research on different forums and it must be said that in my case, 3 options are available to me:
-> The American lottery,
-> The E2 visa (visa for entrepreneur but not immigrant) to be converted into Visa EB5 on site. Where
-> The EB5 Investor visa (the famous Golden Visa) has been requested from the US Embassy in Päris.

I wanted to have feedback from people who immigrated to the United States, who worked there as an employee or who created or took over businesses in Uncle Sam's country.

-> How long did it take you to get your Green Card
-> Is it difficult to create, take over and run a Company in the United States?
-> for those who work there, how do you find the American labor market compared to your country of origin.

thank you to all citizens of the world, who have lived outside their countries of origin, who have traveled, studied, worked or immigrated in other countries and who are open-minded to answer me.


You requested an EB5 from the US Embassy in Paris? Now that is great!

You requested an EB5 from the US Embassy in Paris? Now that is great!