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My wife and I are moving from LA to Barcelona in June 2022.  We are in our late 60's, very active, and in good health.  We need guidance on the best private health insurance to buy for Barcelona.  I want a very comprehensive policy but don't want to break the bank.  Appreciate any advice!

Contact a specialist as Pinera del Olmo.
There are a lot of insurances and other requirements (as the minimum amount of money) to know if you are applying for a non lucrative visa of Spain.

As you know, private health insurance gets more expensive based on age and prior medical history (and any optional coverage that you want, such as dental).

The other issue is deductible (= copago), as higher deductible = lower premiums. You should note that health insurance is a requirement for visa/residence applications. BUT, officially, it should have no deductible. However, I don't know how carefully they check the policy (it's a long document) as my partner's does have a deductible, but they accepted it anyway.

Similarly, if you are using your policy for immigration purposes, it's much easier if you get a Spanish policy, otherwise they'll require you to get a certified translation. (And easier for your life/treatment in Spain too, of course.)

My partner is a sprightly young thing, so hers is only 400 euros per year. Mine was nearly 1,000 euros. My guess is that for a late 60s couple, it could be in the ballpark of 150-250 euros per month, depending on cover/company/deductible. While lots cheaper than the USA, it's still a chunk of change, so it might be worth investigating if it will be possible (as legal Spanish residents) to contribute to the social security system here and qualify for state (good) health care.

If you have a bit of spare time, and you're eager to find out for sure, the two popular Spanish comparison sites are Rastreator and Acierto. So you can enter info for the two of you, and get quotes for Seguro de Salud (or Seguros Medicos). If I recall, they need a Spanish phone number and zip code when you search so grab these off the web to fill the boxes (as you probably don't have them yet), and just get your results by email.

There are many companies you can choose including ASISA, Sanitas, Adeslas, Aegon, Fiatc, DKV, and more. So you can also try using their websites directly to get a quote. Our policies were with ASISA, and they are a good option, and not crazy expensive. Their website is quite easy to get quotes from, and easy to understand (ASISA MOMENTO = copago alto, ASISA Activa = copago bajo, and ASISA Activa Plus = sin copago). These are national policies, so you don't need anything specific to Barcelona.

My husband and I moved to Spain 3 and a half years ago. We opened a bank account at Banco Sabadell. They offer health insurance, as well as insurance for cars and homes. It was very easy because we were able to do everything at one location, and Banco Sabadell specializes in helping ex-pats. They offer service in many languages.

gwyng above gives very good information. My husband and I are in our 60's and the policy for both of us is about 2,000 euros per year. But you have to have it to obtain a residency card. We have a deductible, but that didn't seem to matter, although the official list of residency requirements state there should be no deductible. I recommend no deductible for the first year. once you renew your card in year two, change to a small deductible.

I’m moving from NC to Valencia in June 2022.  Love to hear any advice you have as far as the red tape.


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