Accessing Humira in Spain

Hi there,
I was wondering if anyone knew how I might be able to access medication I am prescribed in the UK, and that's vital to my quality of life, in case it gets damaged in transit (it needs to be kept at 2-8C) or I run out?

This would be for a non-resident, and so not someone who can directly access the national health system.

The medication in question is called Humira.

Also, is there a way of finding out how much the medicine would cost?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I googled humira and found many references in Spanish so it must be available in Spain

A visitor with an EHIC would almost certainly be able to obtain a prescription if required, albeit they would have to pay the full price at a chemist

It is possible to reclaim the cost or part of it on return to uk but it that's quite a while

As John says you need to get a doctor to write the scrip and you may get to a doctor through the local health centre, through the urgencias department of a hospital or by finding a private doctor. I expect that you will have to pay full price.

Thanks for this.

Would I have to bring a letter from my current GP confirming my need for it and that it has been prescribed in the UK., in order for a GP in Spain to write me a prescription?

Thanks again.

I have absolutely no idea. If I were a doctor I'd probably listen to what you said and make my own decision about what you needed or didn't need. The only way  you'll know for sure is to go to a doctor.

Oh, and I suspect, though I don't know, that a letter written in English would be dismissed out of hand.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I'll sort out a letter just in case, and take it from there when I'm in the country and the need arises.

Take care.