- Medical Interpreters Service - Spanish Public Healthcare System

The Spanish Public Healthcare System
has a[b][b] Medical Interpreters Service[/b][/b] for those visitors, residents or citizens who lives in Spain and doesn't speak 'enough Spanish' to understand medical terminology, need help or wishes some assistance with their medical records or speaking with the hospital' medical staff, in their own native language once they arrive to an Spanish public hospital.

This 'Medical Interpreters Service' its provided free of charge by any public hospital network around Spain. It can be requested, by going to the public hospital' of your choice website and select the option : 'Salud Responde Programme'.
Other option may be going directly to 'Atención al Paciente' Department, once you arrived to the hospital.
Or follow the directions on the 'Atención al Paciente' services Guide on the hospital's website and they will gladly assist you.

As an example: here's the 'Andalucia's Autonomous Community' 'Salud Responde Programm'

https://www.andalucia.com/living/health … reters.htm

Needless to say that this 'Medical Interpreters Service' its in high demand nowedays due the large number of visitors coming to Spain every year and also because  it could be a great self -fulfilling job by helping newcomers to ease their everyday paperwork, and specially dealing with medical issues in particular.



A quick Google search suggests that this is only available in Andalucía.

A quick Google search suggests that this is only available in Andalucía.
-@Neil St

Apparently 'Medical Interpreters Service' is also available in Barcelona city:

https://www.citylifebarcelona.com/a-qui … ints-tips/