Will my meds be free (Irish passport holder) ?

Hi we are moving to costa Blanca early next year. , we are pensioners and I hold an Irish passport . I have a lot of prescriptions 18 a month . I want to know as i

hold the Irish passport will my meds be free , husband is British . Thanks ,Fairy

Hello Fairy108,

I would suggest that you contact the nearest health centre of the locality you will be moving to. It says in the The healthcare system in Spain article that you are entitled to free health care but official confirmation from competent authorities specially in regards to your prescriptions is advisable.

All the best


Thank you Bhavna ,so would that mean contacting a dr at local place where we are hoping to live.It's a lot to do and I'm not sure on so much.🤗🤗


There is a public health system in Spain, similar to the NHS. I don't think prescription medications are free, but I believe they are subsidized. My understanding is that they are nearly free for pensioners, especially with low pensions.

As you've heard already, a move to Spain would be pretty easy as you hold an Irish passport, making you eligible for the EU Citizen Registration process. Your husband would most easily become a resident as a 2nd step, via Family Reunification.

As a pensioner, you should ask for S1 forms before you relocate. These will entitle you to treatment in the public health system elsewhere in the EU.

Thank you so much Gwynj there is so much conflicting evidence out there .You say the s1 form will entitle me to treatment in public health system does that include spain .I really appreciate you replying to me ,many thanks H .


S1 validity = all EU (inc. Spain) + Switzerland

Entitlement to S1 = state pension


Bless you Gwynj that is really helpful ,it's great we have people like you willing to help .It's a big thing to move country and every little bit of knowledge helps .Regards  H