Paying for insulin medication

my husband is insulin dependant diabetic, do we have to pay for all the medication

Think it varies area to area. Also age is a consideration. I am a pensioner in the Spanish system although I do not live there permanently and get free medicines including those for my diabetes.

I will ask my friend also a diabetic who is under 60 and works if he has to pay and let you know.

As long as the medication is on prescription you basically get them for free or at least at a reduced percentage and there is a  cap on the maximum you have to pay in any month. I think there is now a bit of variation from community to community as some of the newer, left wing, regional governments have introduced lower  local rates

Basically though, as long as you are on prescription, then medicine ranges from something like 10% of cost for pensioners to 40% for resonably paid earners. I forget the caps but I think in Valencia, for pensioners, it was 8€

Sorry it's a bit vague. someone else will have the correct figures but, basically, as long as you are on a prescription then the cost will be pretty low.

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I am a pensioner and a diabetic.  I am signed into the Spanish health system and get my medication on prescription and pay  a small percentage of the cost. There's a limit to how much you pay in a month but I don't think I have ever reached that point.  However, the only criticism I have is that the doses for every type of medication both over the counter and prescription are always much higher than in the UK.  I also require an injection of Vitamin B12 every three months.  I get this from the local pharmacy and take it to my nearby medical centre to have it injected. However, the smallest dose I can obtain is twice the does I had in the UK.  I bought some ibuprofen and when I looked at the packaging it was 600mg, 200mg more than I expected. 

If you are not registered with the Sistema National de Salud de Espagna you will have to pay the full price for your medication.Once you are in, you receive a card with all your medications programmed in so you can get them from any pharmacy, anywhere in Spain.  However, any repeat prescriptions have to be renewed periodically and you need to see your GP who will ensure you are receiving the correct dosage.

I have been very impressed with the health system here but then Menorca is a small island so we tend to get very quick and efficient treatment.

@DhBahiya Wondered if you could advise if anything has changed since Brexit, I.e. have the charges for insulin increased only medical is the only restriction upon us moving over. Regards Martin

As an insulin dependant diabetic, do I have to pay for all the medication. Currently using Libre 2, Humalog insulin and Tresiba background

Any feedback on cost and or issues would be greatly appreciated.



Do you have to live in Spain to sign up? Alsodo you have to pay a fee?

lastly when you say prescription do you you mean see a dr whilst in Spain for a prescription or take a UK prescription with you.

We have a holiday home in Valencia but we haven't moved over to love there  yet. It will be a couple of years until we do

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