Eye tests in Spain

Are eye tests in Spain usually free - if not, any idea of cost?

Don't know about eye tests but lost my glasses in a kayaking incident and went to get replacement, my £40 for two pairs glasses in the UK were suddenly €980 yes you read that right. My wife drove back to UK.

I have a friend who is an optometrist in Spain. I'll ask for you and get back to you.

Hi there, sorry for the delay getting back to you. Here is my Spanish optometrist friend's response:

"The eye testing for the prescription is normally free, but the intraocular eye testing - checking the health of the ocular is only free in the hospital - if you have social security (securidad). If you make this testing with a private doctor, you have to pay."

I hope that information is helpful. Any other questions and I recommend you go to an optometry clinic/ store and ask.

What normally happens is that, if you go to an optician, they will do the test for free provided that you buy your specs or lenses from them. They will not let you have the prescription though. If you just want the test the cost is usually in the 20 to 40€ range.

The old Spanish tradition of going to an eye specialist, an oftalmólogo, to get a prescription and then going to an optician to ask for a price on your finished specs is dying out but is still available.

Just on the 980€ price there are huge variations in the price depending on whether you go to an independent optician or one of the franchise opticians. Just like in the UK there are cheap and expensive options and huge price differences depending on your prescription and whether you go for super thin, non reflecting etc.

Thank you.  With your advice I received a very efficient eye test using the very latest equipment.  I was treated extremely well.  Unfortunately, as  a pensioner hit hard by the weak pound I am unable to afford the bifocals I would like to have.  But they were happy to give me a copy of the prescription and I hope to be able to return and purchase glasses at a later date.  However, prices do seem to be higher than in the UK although the choice of frames seems to be much wider.  I may be forced to purchase them online and if so would feel very guilty after receiving such good service.

If you need bifocals and you have an idea of the frame you want, it's REALLY cheap to do it in China. I'm in China at the moment and honestly, it's so much cheaper than Australia or Europe.