What are you missing in Spain?

Hi everyone,

Living in Spain, on the long or short run, it is completely normal to feel homesick sometimes. We would like to know what you are missing the most about your home country in Spain.

Do you miss any aspects of your home culture? If so, what are these?

Are you able to reproduce dishes from home and find the necessary ingredients?

What about leisure activities? Have you had to reconsider your favourite activities? If so, which ones have you had to give up?

Are there any celebrations or traditions from your home country that you cannot take part in Spain?

How do you cope with that in your daily life?

Thanks for your contribution!

Expat.com team

Used to miss Reeses.  They had it in Taste of America but it was pretty expensive.  Now they are carrying it in SuperCor!!!

I live most of the year in Tenerife and make regular visits to my home in Ireland

Well after 7 years of time and money consuming (at least on my end, the other end had the local buddy system on her side) I have just been sentenced by a Spanish judge to connect the toilet 💩 to a rain drains pipe that is open to my azotea and passing through my patio. So what am I missing? A lot but mostly after 20 years of closing my eyes to reality, I am just tired of the third world attitude ingrained into all levels of Spanish society towards anything even remotely that may pass for progress 🥺

French cheeses!  :P

I agree, I'm French 😂

I really miss M&S an Waitrose. I wish they could open an m&s here (Barcelona)!

Try https://www.marksandspencer.com/en-es

I miss my NY apartment and friends, though I stay in touch with them.
I miss express lines at the markets. When will the Spanish have them?

What I don't miss is the lower quality of life in the US.

Time for a whine about wine. I miss the fine selection of wines you can find in a good Asda or Sainsburys. Not saying anything against Rioja and Ribera and others which are excellent , but you can have too much of a good thing. Personally I miss enjoying a good Aussie Shiraz, an Italian Barabaresco, a Bordeaux, an American Pinot Noir....how  much time have you got?

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