Looking for decent cheap apartment + Filipino

Hi to all pinoy in Bahrain. I am moving for work in Manama in Sept 2011 and Im looking for an accomodation preferably in Manama. I wish some out there can give me tips. They say I can get apartment for as low as Php5000-Php7,500.

Hi allancruz and welcome on board!

I would suggest you to post an advert in the accommodation section of Manama classifieds.
It might help!


Hi Allancruz,

Welcome to the forum and I hope you'll get some replies from your countryfellowmen/women



Kabayan your 5000-7500php budget will only be applicable for a room(not in business areas) or room sharing. If you want you can message me and i will find a flat(studio type) for you.

Mostafa1011, advertisement is not allowed on the forum !


can u please pm me your email add. i want to ask something.