Apartment problems

How do you deal with a landlord that is not providing what was promised, does not fix things that aren't working, etc.?  Is there an agency in Bahrain that overseas bad landlords?

Hi Einodis and welcome to the forum,

Sorry to hear you are facing problems :(
Maybe one of our Bahraini member can suggest any good move ?



Hi Einodis,

As I couldn't see any answer coming, I checked with my local friends. I will synthesize our conversation in two words : "move out" :D
Basically, it will be extremely difficult for you to get anything by force. A case in court will cost you a lot of time and money and might last more than 5 years...
I'm not sure the result will worth the energy spent...

Sorry for the bad news but the good news is the real estate market is a little depressed and the prices are down nowadays.
So cheer up and go visit !!!


yup, just move out.  they can't hold you to the lease if they are being crappy land lord

This is really not happens good with you, they must have to provide facilities as they have promised but don't worry because that is not only the place where you can live only. Today there are many agencies are there in the market who provides apartments on rent at any place you want as your expectations, but you have to pay one time for getting apartment on rent from them but here you have good news that you can consult skipbrokers - apartment rentals to get apartment on rent anywhere with paying nothing than rent only. :)