Renting a villa for birthday party.

I am looking to rent a villa or farm for a birthday party for 3 to 5 days, next month. Expecting 50+guests. Don't know where to go and ask? Any pointers would be great help. Thank you.

Hello there,

I dont know about Villas  - I'm sure there are options available but for pool parties it's common practice here to rent out private pools and now this is catered through some pretty good local apps where you can checkout the areas, images, costs and availability dates.

Try using the apps 'Kashtah' and 'Rawag' which features these private pools that can be book online.

Note: Summer is peak time for this activity in Bahrain and you may not easily avail weekend bookings unless considerably higher rates.

Good luck!

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There are some pools available at Ali, kindly contact me for more information ***

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There are many options.  Advertise on mums in bahrain as well as on