Moving with Pets

I need a good ( and Not super expensive) company that will handle international trips for pets. We are moving to Brazil, and our 4 dogs and 1 cat are coming with us.
Does anyone here know a trustworthy international pet transport service?

From which country?



This service is very location-dependent, as you can imagine.  You can start by searching on "International Pet Transport"  and the name of the nearest large city near you.  If you happen to be in North Carolina,  I can get you the contact info for the company my brother and SIL used to ship their dog to Europe.   They were very happy with the service, but it was not cheap, and Brazil is farther.

Depending on your airline's rules and the Brazilian veternary and sanitary regulations, which you should obtain from the Brazilian Consulate,  the cat may be able to travel with youin the cabin in a carrier.  If one or more of the dogs is young and healthy enough to travel in a crate in the cargo hold, that may help you control costs, too.  Transporting five animals is going to be costly however you do it.  Good luck!

Also, please inquire about regulations for pets! For Brazil it is different than other countries ‼️
We need besides the vaccins a special veterinarian check from our government for a health certificate  which is valid only 10 days!
We're in the Netherlands.
So please do your research for your country otherwise your pets will be denied entry.

It will be very costly to use a transport company but if you have the means.....
I would suggest taking the cat in the cabin or cargo.  Our cat flew in cargo from US to NL and back without incident.  I do always give medication to reduce stress.  We flew our dog in cargo, on the same flight as us, from US to Brazil.  You do need the timely vet clearance.  They're also special crate size restrictions relative to the dog.  We used a militairy crate. You can't fly with 4 dogs at once at least on Latam they only excepted two dogs max per flight when we flew in January 2021.  Azul was not flying any pets when we came.  Good luck!

Thank you! I believe Latam will be the way to go. A family of 4 humans with 5 healthy pets moving to Brazil.. not an easy task!

Hi there. I am interested in your experiences in moving pets.could you please share what you eventually decide to do and how you make the move? I will not be moving there immediately but possibly withing two years. I have a 100 lb dog and we have 3 cats that will need to be moved. I certainly do not look forward to that part of the move! Best of luck!


We took our 5 pets to the vet, she's taking care of the paperwork for us. We'll travel to Miami by car, fly on Latam (2 pets per person limit). Once we get to Sao Paulo, we'll rent 2 cars, one for our pets and another for our luggage, and then travel by car again to our final destination. We are choosing to have our pets travel by plane only for the international part of our trip. We are trying to make easier on them.

I traveled from US to Brazil in May ‘21 with my cat traveling with me in the cabin.  I couldn't go with Latam. Their system wouldn't allow booking a pet because the first leg of the trip would have been with a partner airline.  I went with United for both the domestic and international flight.  At the time some airlines still had covid restrictions on traveling with pets. 

If in the US, I recommend finding a USDA certified vet that has experience with the paperwork. The vet I used wasn't familiar with how to submit electronically, so I wasted a bit of money and time on overnighting the paperwork back and forth.  Plan ahead for the time limitations on paperwork.  Cross check with specific airline policies as well. 

Once in Brazil at GRU they only asked for the paperwork as I boarded the domestic Brazil flight. 

It was a long trip, but we made it!  I gave my cat some over the counter anxiety remedies as the vet believed a prescription would be too risky if he had any side effects during travel.  So I wish I had a conversation with the vet about that long before the trip. 

Safe travels to all of you and your pets!