Formalities to bring your pet in Brazil

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What are the formalities and paperwork required to bring your pet in Brazil?

How long do formalities & paperwork usually take in Brazil?

What are the relevant authorities to contact?

Which vaccines are compulsory? Do your pets have to go in quarantine at their arrival in Brazil?

Which advice would you give to the ones who would like to move with a dog, a cat or any other pet?

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It depends on your country, I believe. In the USA, we only have to have a health certificate certified by a USDH-certified vet 10 days before the trip and certified at a local Brazilian Consulate. This avoids any quarantines when they arrive.

I would recommend checking the Brazilian Consulate in the country you intend on bringing the animal from.

I know someone who frequently ships his Cocker Spaniel as cargo from Brazil to Angola and back and also to the USA and back to Brazil. He never seems to have any issues. He did recommend to me  not to give the animal any tranquilizers unless they were aggitated.

There are airlines that are designed specifically to transport animals, but they are probably expensive. I would recommend contacting the airlines and getting their rates, in the US they charge per lb. This also includes the weight of the crate your animal will be in.

Obviously, if the dog is small enough to bring in a carry-on, I would just bring it as your allowed carry-on.

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The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento) is the official contact for the import and export of animals; the website has up-to-date information. Prior approval for the import of any type of animal other than a pet cat or dog is required.

Note: pet travel laws can be affected by exceptional outbreaks of diseases. Recent examples are Avian Influenza (the H5N1 strain of bird flu) and Foot and Mouth Disease.

Ministry of Agriculture
Tel: (61) 3218 2828
Animals Allowed into Brazil
Cats and dogs may be brought into Brazil for non-commercial purposes. All other animals require an import permit from the Ministry of Agriculture in Brazil.

Entering Brazil With a Pet
To bring cats or dogs into Brazil (excluding for commercial purposes) the following documentation is required:

International Health Certificate for animals (Certificado Zoosanitãrio Internacional - CZI). The international health certificate is issued by a licenced veterinarian ten days before departure, and must show no disease present. The certificate must also confirm that no incidence of contagious disease has been detected in the place of origin up to forty days before departure. The certificate must be authenticated by the Brazilian Consulate in the animal's place of residence before departure
A certificate of vaccination against rabies for any animal over 90 days old (obtained 30 days before entry in the case of animals vaccinated for the first time). This must be valid for at least one year
Proof of owners full name and address including state and country
Documents showing the animals name, breed, gender, size, colour, coat and any other specific markings
Copies of all relevant documents for animals imported as cargo
Failure to comply with all requirements will result in the immediate return (at the owners cost) or destruction of the animal. Quarantine facilities do not exist when importing domestic animals.

The same requirements apply to guide dogs.

The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture website has up-to-date information on what to do when entering Brazil.


It is equally complicated to travel within Brazil with your pets. Even taking your cat or dog on vacation (outside the city of origin) with you by car or moving to a different city with a pet requires special documentation. For travel purposes you must obtain a GTA - Guia Transito Animal from your vet and all the animal's vaccinations must be up to date. All domestic animals being transported require a GTA (including cats and dogs), wild animals kept as pets also require special authorization for tranport from IBAMA.

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Hi all, is anyone able to direct me to a good company to help move our two dogs over from Tanzania? I have got one company but they are telling me they have to keep the dogs in quarantine for 20 days in South Africa before sending them over. Does this sound correct?

I think you should be looking for a different company to transport your dogs. It sounds rather odd that there would be any requirement or even a need to quarantine an animal prior to transporting, where the concerns would be is in the destination country. Sounds like somebody sees a chance to make some money off of you.

Thanks for the response, as I suspected, seemed strange. Does anyone have any idea which company I may use? I have tried searching the net but no luck...

I managed to bring my dog in Brazil four years ago but he died short after we arrived here . He suffered a lot because of  the intense heat where I was living before .

Hi Sorry to hear about your dog.
We are thinking of taking our dog from UK to Brazil. What are the procedures. Do dogs have to go into quarantine.

Try Animal travel from South Africa. I used them and loved it.