Can I drive in Sweden with mental illness?

Hi all,

I am just getting my driving license in my eu home country.  I know I can use that in Sweden without problem. But I have some serious anxiety and panic disorders and want to reach out to professionals in Sweden. I got concerned that once I get a diagnosis, I might lose my driving license or my right to drive.... The illness does not affect my driving, actually the opposite: when I drive, I can finally feel totally anxiety-free and in control and fully focused. My illness mostly connected to fear of people, crowds, public transport, workplace, etc. So the question is..... can I lose the driving license if I am diagnosed and the doctor notices the transport agency? And can they revoke a non Swedish driving license totally? (so I can't even drive with it in other countries? ) I am sorry if this is silly question.... but I got quite scared I lose this one thing I love doing too, due to my illness :( It took away so much from me already....

Hello, I am sorry for your situation. All doctors in Sweden are obligated to report when they find a patient either with diagnosis or taking medicine that are classifieds with "don't drive after". 

The Swedish Transport Agency in turn has an obligation to inform the authority in your country which issued your license to revoke it if you are going to be here as a visitor. And normally you will not be treated here without you become registered as an inhabitant of Sweden and when you become an inhabitant they have a right to prohibit you to drive here.

However in Sweden there is a special transport service called "färdtjänst" for all who are not allowed to drive, disable or cannot take public transportation due to any kind of illness so normally Swedes have no reason to jeopardize anyone's life by hiding this kind of thing. Please don't misunderstand me I am not judging you but rather letting you know the norm here. I hope you will be able to conquer this thing that bothers you.

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