How to bring your car to Sweden

Hello everybody,

If you exported your car to Sweden, were there any formalities that needed to be completed beforehand? What were they?

What is the best way to export your car? Is there a limit on the number of vehicles, or perhaps the age of the vehicle? Are there limits on emissions or emission controls in Sweden?

What are the expected costs of exporting a car? In your opinion, is it worth it?

Once you arrived in Sweden, what were the applicable taxes? What was the customs process like?

How do you go about registering an imported car in Sweden?

Is it best to buy a car once you have arrived or to bring your car with you, in your opinion?

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Hi Bhavna,
I have not bring my car with me in Sweden and I am not convinced if it is a good idea!

Hi antonia33,

Thanks for the feedback. I found this : … to-finish/

Indeed there are formalities but no idea if it is more of a hassle to bring a vehicle or if it is better to buy once there.

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We moved to Sweden with our RHD/UK registered Honda CRV some years ago. The process was simple. If car is imported as personal property and registered in Swedish system within (it was then) six months, it is import duty free.  The registration process was also simple by checks at a bilprovning station. We had to get a certificate from Honda confirming the horsepower of the car/UK car docs don't have this info on them. We had to have new LHD headlights fitted and disconnected our reversing light cos it was on wrong side of car. The procedure cost us around SEK !0000/£1000, we reckoned. In retrospect, unless particularly attached the vehicle for whatever reason, I'd just look for a car in Sweden, probably using/on

Hi Bavna,

I don't think it is a good idea to bring the car to Sweden ( especially if you are getting it from India).

Because you will be driving on the Right Side of the Road. So not so pleasant exp driving that car.

Used cars are really cheap ....there .  I bought a decent car for just 10000 SEK ( and used it for an year and sold it for 6000 SEK before I left  Sweden.

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