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Travelling around Malmö
Updated 2018-11-01 14:26

Being Sweden's third biggest city, Malmö provides several means of transport. Find out more about these in this article.

Malmö is Sweden's third largest city, located in Skåne county. A post-industrial, culturally diverse and sustainable destination, Malmö keeps growing as more and more expats settle there. Given its location in the south of the country, many people actually find work in Denmark and commute from Malmö daily. This has helped create a thorough and flexible transportation system that keeps evolving.

City transport

The local network is managed by Skånetrafiken. Skånetrafiken handles all transportation within the Skåne county, such as buses and trains, as well as trains to Denmark and buses to Gothenburg and Alvesta. If you are commuting to Denmark, you will be pleased to know that your tickets will be valid in Copenhagen's buses and metro as well.

There are several bus lines within the city of Malmö, some of which used to be covered by the tramway network. Tramway is no more available in the city, but there are several infrastructure and commute projects currently underway.

As Malmö is a major railway platform, it hosts the main starting and arrival points to and from the South. You will also find many inter-regional trains at the Malmö Central Station. Trains in Malmö run along underground tunnels under the Ãresund bridge. Most trains transit through Malmö C or Gustav Adolfs Torg: you can thus travel from the Malmö Central Station to Triangeln in a few minutes only.

Good to know: The Ãresund Link opened in 2000 and has changed the shape of the city drastically, facilitating commute. Only in one year, more than 11 million people travel between Malmö and Copenhagen via train using this bridge, and more than 13.6 million crosses it by car, bus or motorcycle.

Malmö also has a taxi network. Note, however, that taxis in Gothenburg are not regulated and fares can differ from taxi company to taxi company. You are advised to inquire on the fare (or check online) before boarding the vehicle to avoid surprises.

Tickets, apps and services

You are required to buy your travel tickets before boarding the bus or train. Feel free to download the Skånetrafiken application on your smartphone so that you can directly pay via your bank card.

If you are a frequent traveller, it is best to buy a Jojo card. You can choose from three types of travel cards:

  • the Jojo mini ' it costs 50 SEK and is ideal for those who don't travel much
  • Jojo Reskassa ' it costs 200 SEK, granting a 20 % discount on all bus trips
  • Jojo Summer ' it costs 605 SEK and allows you to travel through Scania in summer


Malmö is a compact and cycle-friendly city. Distances are rather short within the city and most roads are flat. You can thus rent a bike from several rental agencies. Note that the city comprises 410 km of routes which you can explore by cycling. Moreover, biking accounts for 30% of travels across the city.

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