I was able to EXIT in Saudi Arabia with unsettled Mobile Plans.


Some of you might have the same question but last July 3, 2021. I was able to go on EXIT without issues in  Saudi Arabia and passed by in Immigration even if I have unsettled STC Postpaid account (500sar) and Mobily Postpaid (900sar).

I was worried because my unsettled and cancelled STC Postpaid was forward to SIMAH before cause I did a credit check and I found out that unsettled bill/cancelled account for my STC (500sar) but for my Mobily Postpaid it was still active when I left Saudi Arabia with pending bill.

I know members here will tell me that this is Haram. Yes, but you don't know what I've been through. I've been struggling so hard due to financial hardship and issues with pay with my work and unemployment while waiting to go on exit.

So the question is now answered if you can go on exit with postpaid balance?

YES, but you have to make sure that you don't have CAR Registered under your name and other bank related debt unsettled cause I can assure you with the new rules of the exit Visa effective last July 1 that you can't get exit Visa from Jazawat with unpaid bills specifically BANKS, CAR LOANS and etc but for Mobiles its ok.

Hope this helps.

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Knowing that you went exit without any problem,Did you come back in saudi having no problem as well?.


Didn't come back and don't have plans of coming back ever again!

This is not news.

If you look at the forum posts, I have told people hundreds of times that they can exit IF they don't have a car or fines. 

Unpaid bills are only an issue if a case is filed by the company.... This takes time.  This is next step after simah reporting.

However, when a case is filed, if you are in KSA, its a travel ban.  Don't plan on coming back either. 

@Okinam hello i have 8 sim cards on my iqama that i saw after i check at my cutc which it has unpaid bills that i did not know why until i remember i bought 1 sim at a small stall in batha were it all started, and i did go to the network provider which is if i want ti cut it i need to pay  the balances and the fee on cutting the contract even tho i explained to them that i am not using any of it . Will i have a problem upon getting my final exit if i dont pay it ? . Thank you . Will they give police clearance to this ?

@Watermelon21 I recently bought a second sim and I had to provide otp and approve request in nafath app so I fail to understand how come multiple sims issued without one's knowledge?

@Okinam how about tabby

See post #5.  It applies to your question about tabby as well.

Hello I'm travelling to Pakistan in November on exit re-entry visa or on vacations. I have stc due bill of 2200 Sar can I travel I'm planning to pay the bill after returning to kingdom in January 2024. please reply if someone have latest experience.

@killua zoldick hey was you able to travel with due mobily bill.

@XTang hi i have unpaid bills in STC postpaid last 2018 i  can pay in their office ? because next month i will go final exit

This keeps getting asked repeatedly despite having been answered.  I don't know why people don't bother to search and keep asking the same question again and again.

To keep it simple:

1) You can travel on final exit with unpaid bills IF they have not filed a recovery case against you

2) If you do travel this way and the recovery case is filed later, you will have problems if you come back to KSA

3) The exception to point number #1 is other types of payments e.g. fines, which you have to settle.  In any case, you can't go on final exit if you have a car under your name

For the previous poster, instead of asking here, why don't you just approach STC and settle the bills?    And while you are it, since it is a debt from 2018, why don't you check your absher to see if there is a travel ban.

@XTang sir Last May 2023 I go exit. But I have unsettled mobile plans. Is this is issue/ problem if I will comeback to saudi?

@Okinam hi did u have travel ban on that?


If you steal in whatever form, you might well escape .. then you can start a thread about how unfair it all is and ask if you can you go back.

You're a thief - Take a guess.

@XTang hello zain had filed me a case paying 1067 , with 500 exc bond , after i pay how many days will the travel ban be lifted ? I badly need to go home , thanks

Follow up with Zain.  Could take a few days to weeks.  No way to know.

What about if you have existing tabby payment and its not due yet you can be still pass the immigration process even you are exit?

See post #13.  Already been answered before.


how can i see your post here mentioned #13

Scroll up and read past replies.  Each comment has a number next to it on the right. Seriously?

Here is the link to post #13 > https://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.p … 51#5794889


thank you

@Watermelon21 iam also in same date zain 1080r riyal exe bond 500 i paid travel ban remove automaticaly

good day..i will plan to go vacation.bit i have unpaid bill from mobily ...i plan to pay when i comeback...no prblem in the airport? thankyou

@Watermelon21 immeadiately removed after payment

@sakthiraj036 hi brother contact me  please

Check your depts in MOLIM app

@Watermelon21 why 1067 for zain claimed. for bills

How to check all bills registered in my IQAMA number

How to check all bills registered in my IQAMA ID number

@Watermelon21 hi watermeon your are exited or you go in vacation visa please reply.

@Watermelon21 i had the same issue too,, that time on my STC application is showing out of nowhere bill just came up,, then i call customer service about that issue.. Then he said. U just ignore it.. Its just a scammer..

@irsyadflora723 hi bro check your iqama in all telecommunication network in sauthi arabiyaa for bills

Please reply me iam also same problem

Your are exit or in sauthi arabiyaa

Iam in jeddah