Sims under my Iqama without my knowledge (Zain, Mobily & Friendi)


Please advise me how to cancel all the sims fraudulently issued under my Iqama without my knowledge. And, how it's possible by Service Providers Sales department without our finger print. Also I filed complaints thru CITC portal & cleared last year (Lebara, Friendi (Virgin)).

But, I found again the new post-paid numbers issued from Zain, Mobily & Friendi (Virgin) & then I filed a complaint for each service providers, Only Zain didn't terminate the 5 connection. I have escalated this issue to CITC and waiting for the feedback.

Here we have to think that as I know something in computer, I have done such complaints thru CITC but, if the person who doesn't know about internet and working in industrial area like labors, how they will cancel such fraudulent sims.  When they go on exit, there will be hardship waiting for them. I wonder such happening in Saudi Arabia, it's prohibited in Islam, such fraud people should be punished.

Best regards,

Assalam o alaikum!

I am also facing the same problem :( . Please do let me know when you find some solution.

Thank you.


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