Opening a Plastic Surgery Recovery House

Hello - does anyone have any information on opening a recovery house in the DR, specifically Santo Domingo? or has anyone successfully opened a recovery house? If so, please let me know, as I would love to connect!

Yes and I have responded to you.  Wow you are really impatient!

I have opened a number of houses in Santo Domingo!

Hi Planner - Yes, I know we've been in contact, and I appreciate your willingness to provide your expertise. I've started this thread to connect with others who may also be in the process of starting a recovery home or who have started one. I know many of the discussion threads on this site are outdated, and there are many newcomers out there who are looking to network and learn information. I look forward to speaking with you soon. It is my goal to also connect with someone in the US  who has a similar interest in starting an RH or has started one in DR so that I'm able to network with them as well here in the states. I appreciate your communication thus far, Planner, and look forward to chatting more in-depth with you very soon. Thanks so much for your understanding.

Okay I  understand. I am also the  moderator here.  Its not great to post the same message on  5 or 6 threads. Hang tight people will respond to you.

And with others permission first, I can introduce you to  owners of houses here.  Most have an attitude of  being in competition so not many  are looking to collaborate unfortunately.

I just know its in need there, few of my clients said there experiences there were not good!

It's only in last couple of years the govt has put a certification process in place. Then with the pandemic there has not been enough enforcement.

Does anyone have any information on opening a recovery house in the DR? If yes please I need help.

Yes I will message you privately.

Hi Planner. Would you care to also send me info privately  as to how you went about or info on the opening of a Recovery House in Dominican Republic. . Thank you.

Happy to do so

Hello.  Can you please send me information on opening a recovery house in Dominican Republic.  Thank you in advance.

Hello.  Can you please send me information on how to open a recovery house in Dominican Republic. Thanks in advance.

I will message you privately!

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