Covid 19 vaccination campaign Mauritius starting 08 March

Hello everyone, 

Please find below the venues and dates for the upcoming covid 19 vaccination campaign :

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Great to hear you are all getting going.  What is your population?  Would think you would think get all done quite quickly?

Hi Tashwilmot,

It is the second phase, the 1st one was for all the medical staff and anyone working with tourists and people in quarantine. All state officials have also been invited to have their vaccination.

We definitely don't have enough dose for all the population. The authorities have a target of 60% of the population. 60% is achievable in my opinion provided we keep on receiving the imported vaccine shots.

Edit - Actually the 3rd phase right now. The elderly (60+) had been invited to get vaccinated from the 1st - 6th March.

Those who want to get vaccinated at the different public hospitals. Please note that vaccination will be held in alphabetical order between 09:00 am to 15:30 pm

- Dr A.G Jeetoo Hospital, Port-Louis
- Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital, Rose-Belle
- Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam National Hospital, Pamplemousses
- DR. Bruno Cheong Hospital, Flacq
- Victoria Hospital, Candos, Quatre-Bornes

Surnames starting with :

A to F - Monday and Thursday
G to N - Tuesday and Friday
O to Z - Wednesday and Saturday

Hi there I want to ask you some questions in relation to the Covid Vaccine:
1. What are the long-term effects?
2. Is it true that we are receiving the Covid Vaccine that South Africa has refused because of ineffectiveness? South African people told me that Mauritius has bought their refused vaccine at a cheap price.
3. Why do we have to sign a paper to say that it's our responsibility if we take the vaccine and something happens to us up to death?
4. Are we  willing to sign a paper that says we are not protected no matter what happens, our insurance won't cover it?
Thank you for answering my questions, and please bare in mind that I'm from the UK and know quite a lot of what is really happening. Actually 200 000 doctors and nurses who are currently working in hospitals in London have refused to have the vaccine, why? If they are in hospital they normally will know the dangers of Covid, so why have these doctors and nurses refused?
Thanks again for answering all these questions.

Hello Nessie,

I have not shared any personal views on the covid vaccine and won't be sharing any on a public forum. As for your questions, I have no information and do not want to spread any false information.

According to the law :

".. those found guilty in Mauritius of having disseminated false news on the Covid-19 risk a maximum prison sentence of 10 years and a fine of up to Rs 1 million for each false news broadcast " … IL3zxcxWMw

The press releases on the vaccination process are from the Ministry of Health and Wellness.
Please contact the Ministry of Health and Wellness, they are the only ones who can shed the light on your queries.

Websites of authorities  :

Official FB Groups :


truthcomesto light dot com

Please contact the Ministry of Health and Wellness, they are the only ones who can shed the light on your queries.

Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it, however, you haven't been able to answer my questions because you don't know the answers. There is no false information just questions about what many many people are asking and are getting no answers.
I thought that you knew about them as you are spreading information about the places to be vaccinated with a vaccine that you can't explain if they are effective or not.
Even this can get you in trouble if one-day things happen to people having the vaccine without the proper information.
We are blindly following what we are told, do some research about it, thousands of doctors, virologists, nurses, and even care home managers are speaking out. I urge you to please do your research before accepting a vaccine that took less than a year to create and with fewer trials than other vaccines.
I'm not against vaccines, I have had all mine however being pushed to have one without any securities (insurance) is like signing a death penalty blindly. … wVatkuHPcA
This is one of the many many channels that are speaking, but it's sad that Mauritius only get info from the propaganda TV which is BBC.
Thank you, I'm not targetting you personally, sorry if it feels that way. I'm just trying to get people to do their research.


Thanks for the details on the campaign.

For those on occupation/work permits, can they still access the vaccination at the public hospitals or at the mobile centres?
I saw a post earlier mentioning that those on permits would be required to visit a specific vaccination centre, but that was before the recent local cases were declared.


Additionally is it or will it be mandatory for those on occupational permits to have received the vaccine?

No the vaccination is voluntary

Thanks - I had seen some articles previously about the Mauritian authorities proposing mandatory covid vaccinations for newcomers to the island in the near future. There was no indication whether this meant tourists only or those moving to Mauritius on occupational permits. If anyone has any knowledge or can shed some light on this moving forward that would be appreciated. Currently our only option is undergoing a 14 day quarantine at a pretty substantial cost. Do you think there are plans for the Mauritian authorities to waiver this if one could prove they'd been vaccinated ( in another country) or even make it mandatory?

Good day everyone.
Anou86 - Thanks for this latest update. Brilliant.
Pleased to see "All systems go" in Mauritius for the vaccination campaign.
You are very well organised.

I am not an expert or a medical person, however I hope the following will reassure anyone with concerns -  whether to have the vaccine or not
It seems there has been a lack of proper information & a bit of fear factor regarding the vaccine and any side effects that may arise afterwards.

I am still in England, had my 1st dose 4 weeks ago and feel well & healthy.

A Pilot scheme has been trialled : Vaccine-hesitant persons are being called by their GP's with explanations about the vaccine. Seems a 1 to 1 conversation is helping to alleviate/address their concerns.
Most reasons were personal - worry about pre existing conditions - medications they are taking - not satisfied with the outcome data  OR just wait & see what happens with the vaccine.  The word Trust was mentioned.
Out of 200 vaccine-hesitant persons, 125 decided to go ahead with the vaccine after discussing their concerns with a doctor.
This is a voluntary scheme run by GP's practices and looks like going nationwide.
Yes it is true some NHS staff have not taken up the option to have the vaccine. I am sure there is an explanation as to why.

My experience is I have had to comply with having vaccines due to the nature of my work taking me worldwide & staying in various countries for many years.  Very glad I did have all the necessary immunisations/vaccines.
As Anou86 suggests: The Ministry of Health & Wellness will have all the answers if you have any concerns.

Is there any medically qualified person who could add any relevant & factual information to this thread.     

Regards/Stay safe everyone.


jppmru wrote:


Thanks for the details on the campaign.

For those on occupation/work permits, can they still access the vaccination at the public hospitals or at the mobile centres?
I saw a post earlier mentioning that those on permits would be required to visit a specific vaccination centre, but that was before the recent local cases were declared.


I read on the francophone forum that foreigners can get their vaccination in the 5 regional hospitals and mobile centres … 65#5053907

I'm still in England. And while I don't know about the source of the vaccines on the island.
I don't believe your line about 200 000 hospital staff on London have refused the vaccine. I doubt if there are that many nhs staff in London let alone refused it.
What I can tell you is that our deaths have tumbled now that all the older people are vaccinated.
We have no reported deaths because of the vaccine. Im booked in to have my in two weeks time.

My son is a 30 yr old doctor in the U.K. and he has been vaccinated and happy to be given it.  He's ok ( intelligent and informed) and so are his medical co workers.
My husband gets his in a week and I'm hoping I will be vaccinated in a month.
I personally don't think it's a magic cure for an ever changing virus, but it prepares our bodies to at least recognise it and try and fight it. 
I've had the flu vaccine nearly every year and got it real bad 2 times in my life, so nothing is perfect.  However,I may have died had I not had the flu vaccine at all?  I certainly felt like death both times with the “ proper flu”.....

Without more detailed information on the virus.........vaccinations and social distancing with face masks and regular hand washing, it's the best informed chance we have got to get through this totally horrific situation.
Keep safe, keep well and be kind x

Here is a glimpse of the 1st day of vaccination at A.G Jeetoo Hospital, yesterday 8 March.

For those who are not yet in Mauritius, you will get to see a bit of daily life on the island.

The comments being in kreol, I tried to translate it for you.

They were asked their views on this first day of the campaign.

1. Linsey Collen, inhabitant of Port-Louis.

I came early this morning as I have other things to do today. I called at the hospital at 07:30, they opened at 08:30 and everything went fine. I find it well organised. But now that I see the long waiting line, I hope that as things progress and people come to get vaccinated they will know by what time to come to minimise waiting time. I brought along a little chair and recommend people do so likewise. I find it to be a duty to get vaccinated, not only for me and my close ones but for others as well so that more and  more people get vaccinated and we can contain the spread of the epidemic.

2. Indira, inhabitant of Port-Louis.

The second lady (quite disappointed) lost her place in the waiting line and was asked to go at the very end of line. She can't possibly make it. She has been waiting since 08:30 and now it's nearly 10:00. She says she is going back home having difficulty to stand for long periods of time. The officers told her to come back next Monday, but it seems difficult for her due to her health issues (legs).

3. Bernard, inhabitant of Bambous

The last guy accompanied his wife to the hospital, she had an appointment and he thought he could get vaccinated. He would like to get the vaccine, however seeing the long waiting line he might go home and come another day as he really wants to get vaccinated to protect himself. He says that it is not well organised.

Anou86 wrote:
jppmru wrote:


Thanks for the details on the campaign.

For those on occupation/work permits, can they still access the vaccination at the public hospitals or at the mobile centres?
I saw a post earlier mentioning that those on permits would be required to visit a specific vaccination centre, but that was before the recent local cases were declared.

I read on the francophone forum that foreigners can get their vaccination in the 5 regional hospitals and mobile centres … 65#5053907

Thanks Anou86 for the update(s).!

Due to national lockdown, the vaccination campaign has been put on hold. There will be no vaccination tomorrow. Authorities will inform us when the campagne will resume.

Thanks Anou...damn it's a see saw everyday. Pls keep us posted, appreciate your effort

Hello everyone,

Vaccination is ongoing for people working in essential services i.e those who have a WAP (Work Access Permit) and even those who have a waiver or are exempted from WAP.

In public/parastatal sector please get in touch with your managers.

In private sector, see below :

P.S Tomorrow 18 March, at around 17:30 Mauritian time there will be a press conference broadcasted on all medias where information will be given on the consent form people need to sign (why, legal implications etc.)


Anoushka - Thanks once again for your updates.

Glad to see that the vaccination programme is still going strong.
Looking forward for you to give us the next info re consent form to be signed as it will be very interesting to see the legal implications being mentioned....
Thanks/ Stay Safe

Thank you very very much for the news!
Very thankful!

Hello everyone,

Today's press conference was mainly focused on the vaccination consent form, so I am posting it here.

Total local Covid-19 cases : 156
3 new local cases (2 were identified in quarantine, 1 by contact tracing).

3 speakers at the conference:
- Minister of Health,
- The Attorney General and Minister of Agro industry and Food security,
- The advisor to the Ministry of Health

Minister of Health

The Minister of Health briefly explained the benefits of vaccination and reiterated the aim behind the national vaccination campaign. The target is to vaccinate 60% of the population (to achieve herd immunity). Till yesterday, approximately 73 000 people have been vaccinated (reaching around 10% of the target). He announced that as the campaign progresses, they will acquire different vaccines from different vaccine manufacturers to keep up with the increasing demand.

We are using AstraZeneca/Covishield and we will be receiving 200,000 doses of Covaxin (Manufacturer : India Bharat Biotech) tomorrow. We are also under discussion to acquire the russian vaccine, Sputnik.

Attorney General

Concerning the Consent form people have to sign prior to getting vaccinated.


The Attorney General pointed out that all doctors would agree that a vaccine has (to some extent) some side effects. The vaccine has been approved by WHO and been declared safe for everyone except for people with medical complications history.

Before getting vaccinated a doctor will assess the patient and look into his medical history before giving his approval for vaccination.

Stating that in this emergency context, it is rare to see a vaccine being developed and approved in such a short span of approximately one year by WHO and other competent bodies. Mauritius as well is using the vaccine in the same emergency background and purpose to stop the pandemic spread.

Consent form

The Attorney General then proceeded by reading the 1st paragraph of the consent form :

“Emergency Use Authorisation The Ministry of Health and Wellness has made the COVID-19 vaccine available following regulatory approval of its use in the United States, United Kingdom, India and other countries as circumstances justify its use in an emergency such as the COVID-19 pandemic. This vaccine has not completed the same type of review and process in those countries as would have been the case in normal circumstances and the Ministry of Health and Wellness is making the vaccine available due to existence of a public health emergency and on the basis of the totality of scientific evidence available for the time being, showing that known and potential benefits of the vaccine outweigh the known and potential risks”

Ref : Registration and Consent form

He went on explaining that there are more benefits to this vaccine than risks. WHO considers the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine outweigh its risks. As for consent form they are common practice in the medical world, moreover bearing in mind in what context the vaccine was created it is understandable.

Legal grounds

The attorney general pointed out that if everyone was to have his word on the consent form then it could be an endless debate and these types of debates can only be settled in court.

Legal precedents whether constant or not are called to evolve when the (exceptional) situation requires it until it is settled in a justice court.

To those who have been saying that in the UK or USA they don't need people to sign a consent form, the Attorney General brought up the fact that in the UK, they had made such provisions in the law, The Vaccine Damage Payments (Specified Disease) Order 2020. As for the USA, manufacturers already have legal immunity. In Mauritius, we have not amended the law, we don't have any provision for this type of situation however, we have set up the consent form for people who willingly would like to get vaccinated.

He ended by talking about herd immunity and that they are trying their best for the population and so on...and that the vaccine has been validated for use.

The advisor to the Ministry of Health

She gave some news about the patient who needed to be put on oxygen, saying he is fine but still needs a couple of dose of oxygen every now and then. The other patients are all fine.

Addressing the controversy on the AstraZeneca vaccine, she explained that following mass vaccination, there is a process called pharmacovigilance where the targeted population is assessed and monitored in regards to adverse effects. Around 17 million people have been vaccinated with AstraZeneca worlwide. In EU/UK, among those vaccinated, there were 15 cases of phlebitis and 22 cases of pulmonary embolism which if compared to the general population if they didn't have any vaccine, is less than normal. Among the asymptomatic patients, D-dimer analysis is carried out to know whether the patient has to be administered any anticoagulant medication. She also mentioned that there are cases of phlebitis among people who have been administered pfizer and Moderna.

Questions by the press :

Whether all parliamentary members who have been vaccinated have signed the same consent form as members of the general population ?

The Attorney General general said yes, all those who have been vaccinated have signed the form. There are only 2 options: either you willingly want to get vaccinated in that case you sign the consent form or you don't want to get vaccinated and you don't sign anything.

Can prices of vegetables be fixed as there is more and more abuse from retailers/sellers ?
Won't be possible as there are too many types of vegetables some of which are seasonal. People should report abuse on the customers' hotline.

In the future, can it be considered that vaccination becomes mandatory ?
No, vaccination is and will remain on a voluntary basis. No law can force people to get vaccinated.

Have a nice day everyone, stay safe,

Thank you Anoushka -

Great summary.   Stay safe all.


Hello everyone,

Update :

The vaccination campaign will continue on Monday with Covaxin vaccine. We currently have 200,000 doses of this vaccine.

We received/boought 200,000 doses of Covishied/AstraZeneca. Almost 100,000 vaccines of Covishield (AstraZeneca) has already been made. The remaining 100,000 will be reserved for the second dose of those who have already been vaccinated with the same vaccine.

Hello everyone,

As Parliament resumed today, here is what the Minister of Health declared :

"The Minister of Health answered Xavier-Luc Duval's Private Notice Question on Tuesday. To date, more than 100,000 people have been vaccinated. Among those,  18,034 elderly, i.e 8% of the population over 60%.

The Serum Institute of India donated 100,000 doses of the CoviShield vaccine to Mauritius. The country bought another 100,000 doses from the Indian institute. Of this batch, 100,000 doses have already been used up. The remaining 100,000 will be used for the second dose.

Since Monday, Covaxin has been used. Mauritius bought 200,000 doses at a cost of $ 15 each.

Mauritius expects to receive 507,200 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine from the Covax facility. Under this, Mauritius must meet various conditions, including the establishment of a fund to compensate those who, after the administration of the vaccine, could have serious side effects, be struck with a handicap or even die.

Meanwhile, Mauritius is expecting 200,000 additional doses of AstraZeneca from the Serum Institute of India and 250,000 doses of Sputnik from Russia.

Through The African Union, Mauritius should receive 48,451 doses of Pfizer.

China is also planning to donate 100,000 doses of Sinopharm to Mauritius.

If the country receives all vaccines, it will enable vaccination of 879, 931 people i.e 82% of the adult population.

In addition, the Russian Direct Investment Fund could provide us with 1,250,000 doses of Sputnik vaccine.

If Mauritius vaccinates 10,500 people per day, 62% of the population will be vaccinated by August.

The figure could rise to 74% if 13,500 people are vaccinated per day.

It is also noted that Mauritius may receive 151,213 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine via the African Union. A single dose vaccine."

Vaccin contre la Covid-19 : L'immunité collective pourrait être atteinte d'ici août 2021 affirme Kailesh Jugutpal

Thanks once again Anoushka.
Stay safe All.

The useful info well appreciated. God bless you and stay safe

Hello everyone,

Information related to second dose of vaccine :

Stay safe everyone,

I really want to get a vaccine

Hi Sam,

From the information I've gathered, roll out for the 1st doses of vaccination will resume end of April 2021.
For now the Ministry of Health & Wellness is conducting the 2nd dose of vaccination as per the schedule posted earlier..

We are expecting the Chinese vaccines this week, and the Russian shipment soon as well.


Hello everyone,

Indeed as highlighted above, we received the 100,000 doses of Sinopharm from China.
@ Sam and those who want to get vaccinated (1st dose), please call the International Vaccine Centre on 212 4464 from 09:00 - 15:00 (Port-Louis, Mutual Aid Building,  opposite the Line Barracks Police headquarters). They will inform you whether they have vaccines at the moment.

If you want to directly drop by, just make sure you go there on your alphabetical day and bring along your passport or resident permit...

Have a nice day,

Hello everyone,

Please note that there is an angoing vaccination campaign at the moment. The vaccine used is Sinopharm.

Whether the vaccination campaign is for locals only or not, I am not sure (as it is mentioned that people should produce their National Identity Card). For more info, please call the hotline 8924 or EDB on 2033800
Here are the details :

A specific time slot will be reserved for elderly persons, aged 60 years or more, at the vaccination centres, that is, from 09 00 hrs to 11 00 hrs. Transport facilities will also be put at their disposal. From 11 00 hrs to 16 00 hrs, the vaccination exercise will be carried out according to an appointment system. Each citizen will be able to book an appointment on the Economic Development Board's website,, or by calling on 2033800.



2 week quatantine still enforced from 15 July to 30 September.

From 1 October, no quarantine required for Vaccinated tourists, returning residents and citizens:

Hello there Anoushka ...
Trust you are well.  Haven't read your reports from MRU for a while. 
Always a joy to read the latest in your stylish way...
Would be great to get/read the latest from you soon I hope... 
Am sure many others feel the same.
Regards/Stay safe

Hi Rick,

Hope you are doing fine  :)

Everything is fine at my end, life is getting back on track (fortunately)  :top:

Concerning vaccines, the milestone of 500,000 vaccinated people has been reached (1st dose). Vaccination for second dose is also ongoing. Right now, the vaccine administered (1st dose) is Sinopharm.

Yet, it seems that we could have a problem as France has announced that only foreigners vaccinated with Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson will be allowed entry on its territory.

In Mauritius, from the begining we have had AstraZeneca, Covaxin, Covishield and Sinopharm till now. Let's see what happens!

Stay safe everyone

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