What's changing in Ireland with the COVID-19 crisis

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As the Editorial Team of Expat.com, our aim is to provide you with fresh and up-to-date information about the COVID-19 crisis in your host country. You might be expecting a lot of changes following the crisis, especially in terms of entry and visa requirements, work, buying property, education, etc.

Whether you're looking to relocate to Ireland after the crisis or you have already settled in, here's what you need to know:

Post-COVID-19 changes in Ireland 

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Nice article Veedushi, thanks for sharing.

Possibly worth a fresh update now with the new level-5 restrictions coming into play from tomorrow (Oct 21st) for the next 6 weeks, what do you reckon?



I'm in the same situation right now, will soon be relocating to Dublin and have had to get temporary housing (I went through thehomelike.com).

Has anybody gone through the new process during the pandemic where you can apply for the PPSN online? Will they accept a PDF of a rental agreement as enough proof of residence or any suggestion what type of utility bill I could get quickly, trying not to have to wait for a month to have one and then have the massive emergency tax on my pay.

I have applied online on September 17 and think it has successfully processed the PPSN though still waiting for it to arrive in the post. It disappeared from the site as pending last Friday and according to their twitter support that should be a sign it's been reviewed and would receive confirmation in writing soon.

I've submitted with a PDF of my rental agreement and my employment contract no utility bill.

Whar is the rhier twitter support user name?