FBR IRELAND documents rejected

Hi all. I have had what seem to me appropriate certified original register extracts from Births Deaths And Marriage s Victoria rejected by FBR.

I spoke with Births Deaths And Marriage Vic and I think it is the best I can get.

What to do?

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Speak to FBR and ask them what is wrong with it (specifically); ask them to confirm their reasons in writing, then forward them to Victoria and ask if they can assist in resolving this.

One other thought; did you provide certification (they call it apostilled) from the Australian Government that this was a true copy of the Birth Entry?

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Thanks Cynic.
Yes all of the documents are certified by BDM Victoria. Said the documents are not birth and marriage certificate. What I sent

Shows 5 birth entries

I think I may see what the problem is.  They are copies of a register, they are not copies of your individual entry on the register for births.  Whatever, the FBR is not accepting them, you need to find out why, the only way is to speak to them directly.

Thanks Cynic
I shall talk with FBR I have made progress with the records office in Victoria my dad's Birth certificate is now available in an acceptable format so that leaves my grandmother marriage certificate problem to overcome.

They have offered a letter of verification of that entry on the registry. I will offer a proforma the looks very much like the certificate 4th schedule in a vertical table.

Think FBR are back on Wednesday and I'll do as you suggest. Thanks again.