Moving to Ireland solo

Hello everybody,

Moving to Ireland is a challenge in itself, but even more when you decide to go alone. If this was your case when you arrived, we would like you to share your experience. It might help other people who are also preparing for this new life in Ireland.

Do you have any tips for people who are about to move to Ireland on their own? Is the country suitable, for instance, for a single woman?

What was your state of mind when you arrived in Ireland?

What type of accommodation did you choose: house-share, self-contained accommodation or apartment complex?

How did your integration go once settled? Do you think that being alone made it easier to make friends?

Did you encounter any particular difficulties, being alone when you arrived? If you had to do it all over again, would you take a chance?

Thank you for your contribution!

Cheryl, team

Interesting as I never saw my move here as a challenge. I moved from one of the more remote Orkney Islands so maybe that made a difference,  and I am English and had been to Ireland before.
I  rented for a while waiting for my house to sell, then moved again  .   
Loved the  difference  of living in a small village and being made welcome in a close community.  Loved the whole place, living deep rural. 
Any problems arose much later; folk here are very good at welcoming folk but when the shine wears off and you are no longer new? And as I was thinking last night about a local situation?  We are never Irish. There is always that separation; and that is healthy.
It is about respect at base.
Respecting the people you come among and waiting and watching.
A couple moved where I live a while ago; they basically had "ideas" about how the village was run..  No way, ,
We are incomers. As one phrase has it, "ferrylopers" .  We can give a huge amount but respect always and slowly. Watch and wait. Transplants take time to root.

NB I am a single woman; it made little difference if any, Ireland IS civilised and modern,  And safe.

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