Intl travel to Colombia starts sept 21 … 020/09/05/

Just got this from wife. Translate to English . I suppose the flights from USA will start September 21

The cited report is based on anonymous "consular" sources and appears courtesy of a lesser known outlet.

Note that no journalist has attached his or her name as the reporter.

If you have both anonymous sources and an anonymous journalist, take any report for what it is worth.


International flights are ready to resume operation for at least some major airports in Colombia (Alfonso Bonilla Aragón, near Cali; El Dorado, in Bogotá; El Edén, in Armenia; Matecaña in Pereira; Rafael Núñez, in Cartagena; Ernesto Cortissoz, in Barranquilla, and José María Córdova, in Antioquia), according to the government agency Migración Colombia, in September (this month!).  The story is in El País, Cali's major newspaper: … nales.html

Migración Colombia says all the required protocols are in place for biosecurity.  But note, there is no date given for WHEN in September, yet.

The Simple Flying website says IATA (International Air Transport Association) is expecting international flights to Colombia to begin resuming service on September 21st.

Flights at the restart will apparently enter Colombia at three cities, but not the long-time hub of Bogotá, the capital and primary hot spot of coronavirus in La República.

International flights this month will arrive at Medellín, Cali and Cartagena, according to the report.

The information at (enter Colombia in search box)
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No flights to Bogota?  I know I already posted this in another thread but I have a flight scheduled to Bogotá on September 24 with Aeromexico.  I just contacted them again last week to confirm and they said it was still scheduled and it has not been cancelled.  So what happens if I fly there then?  Will they not let me enter the country or what?  I wish there was more solid information on this because I keep hearing different things from different sources, and the last thing I want is to fly down there just to be told I have to turn around and go back.  I’m going there to see my significant other and I’ll be very disappointed if I get there and can’t see her, I’ve been waiting all year.

Dear Jake,

You are doing the right thing by closely monitoring reports as best you can.  Besides this site, keep watching the Cuenca Highlife site and ....  Also, the Simple Flying site, which appears legit.

Nobody can reliably predict whether you would be denied boarding in the USA or if authorities would try to send you back there upon arrival somewhere.

Reports referenced on this thread are not official pronouncements.  So look for official confirmation from your airline or governmental authorities.  That may require patience, which is a prerequisite anyway for South America-bound Expats. :)


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