Doing business with Greek Kiosks (Periptero)

I'm looking for some enlightenment into Greek Periptero. I live in Germany and I'm looking for retail distribution in Greece for a range of products which I will coyly call "seasonal novelties". It seems as if the kiosks would be perfect as they are literally everywhere and might be a good alternative to service stations which was my other consideration.

Now, as I don't live in, or have a great deal of experience with Greece, I'd be interested in learning whether Periptero are all independent, or are some of them parts of chains?  The reason is, I don't speak Greek and it would be too difficult logistically to deal with hundreds of tiny independent retailers.  Or, is there potentially an umbrella organization which deals with, or wholesales to the Periptero?

I apologize for the oddball thread here, and for being coy about the actual product.  But if anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated.

Prost from Germany!

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There is a law, that to get licence for a kiosk/periptero you have to belong in some special groups (have some physical disability, family with many children, injured while in military service, etc).
So , normally , there are no people owning more than 1 periptero licence.

If, the licencee is not able to work in the kiosk, they look for relatives to do it, or they transfer the management to others in exchange for a fixed or variable amount.

So, it is possible for a person/company to be manager of more than 1 kiosks, and maybe have its own employees operating them.
But I am not in this business, do not know more.

There are companies, specialized in supplying the kiosks with merchandise (by various importers or manufacturers),
most nottably the Press distributors, they move all printed goods, newspapers, etc.
also the tobacco distributors, and others.

the following site is a portal for people with disabilities,
they should know more about the periptero business

this is a distributor

another distributor … %A9%CE%9D/

and another

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