Opgaaf Wereldinkomen - Wold income statement


I have just received the World income statement form (for 2019) from Belastingdienst, and I am curious to learn why I have received it and whether I have to file and return it back. In 2018, I have received and filed the exact same form, but why I have to do it for 2019 since I am no longer living or working in the Netherlands? Will I receive this form every year?

Previously I have lived in the Netherlands from 2014 to 2018 and accrued pension - I still have a pension there, but I am no longer contributing. I am currently living and working in Denver, USA. Last year in 2019, I visited the Netherlands for my Ph.D. defense on a tourist visa. That week I have received an amount of fewer than 1000 Euros from my former Dutch employer to cover the expenses for printing my dissertation. Is this why they are asking me to fill the World income statement? Do I also need to file taxes for 2019 in addition to the world income statement? I know I asked a lot here, but any help is appreciated.

Thank you,
Riza Bayoglu.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Did you de-register at the Gemeente when you left the Netherlands? 

If you didn't then you may have a problem with the Belastingdienst as you will still be regarded as a resident there.  You will need to contact the Gemeente where you lived and advise them that you left the Netherlands on such a date and was unaware that you had to de-register (you're not the first person to not bother, so don't worry) and can they please de-register you from that date, thank them very much in anticipation of the excellent service you are about to receive etc, yours truly Riza.  Then follow the advice below.

If you did, then it can only be that the payment you received in the Netherlands in 2019 was declared to the Belastingdienst using your BSN reference; my advice would be to write back and politely tell them you left NL on this date, de-registered at the Gemeente and are no longer liable for world-wide tax in the Netherlands and you have/will declare this income to the IRS in accordance with the requirements of where you are now resident.

It's in your own interest to sort this as tax defaults can cause you problems in all sorts of weird ways.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Thank you so much for the welcome and the answer! Indeed, I have de-registered from the municipality in 2018 (also confirmed this today). So, I sent a letter to Belastingdienst about the matter.