Declaring foreign property in box 3

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I am living and working in the Netherlands and pay taxes here. Last year in March 2022 I have bought a property in Portugal.

Do I have to declare this property as part of my assets in box 3 in the tax declaration form of 2022 or only from 2023?

I have read that your wealth assessment is based on your situation on January of the year you are submitting the declaration for, but I am not sure I understood correctly.

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Hi and welcome to the Forum.

I'm not a tax/financial expert.  Yes, you have to declare all your worldwide interests.  How these are assessed will be affected by any tax treaty between the 2 countries, in most cases, you are protected from double taxation.  One area that catches us all out is Dutch social taxes, these are assessed on your worldwide income and are explicitly not covered by any tax treaty; you will pay them.

My advice is to speak to a Dutch tax expert and use their skills to make sure you claim all the tax breaks available to you.

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Expat Team

@Joana Valenca de Sousa As far as I am aware, you would declare it only on the 2023 form as you did not own it on 1 January 2022 (that goes for both the worldwide income statement if applicable and the main tax return); it's basically a snapshot of your wealth on 1 January of the year that you are filing. When the time comes for the 2023 form (in 2024), if you have income and pay tax on the property abroad, you should be able to exempt that amount on your return via the double taxation agreement that Netherlands has with that country. I'm no expert though; I would seek advice on it if you need it.