Are HBO Master's Degrees valid for the 30% ruling?

I am relocating to the Netherlands and am hoping to avail myself of the 30% ruling for individuals under 30 with a "Master's Degree".

I checked on Nuffic, and due to where I studied, my Master's is deemed to be an "HBO Master's - EQF 7" as opposed to a WO EQF 7 Master's. Meanwhile, my bachelor's is considered to be a WO Bachelor's.

My employer is not sure if this qualifies me for the ruling or not. Does anyone know?

Hi again.

Your employer should speak to the Belastingdienst; the contact details for the Belastingdienst can be found at this link.  They have a website that contains the published details of this tax break; this link will take you straight to it.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

@JerryAndBarry Hi! were you able to confirm if your HBO degree qualifies for the ruling?