30% ruling from 2024 - proposed amendment

Hi all! I understand the Lower House of Parliament has voted for the amendment to cut the 30% ruling scheme from 01 January 2024 (first 20 months 30%, then 20 months at 20% and last 20 months at 10%).

It is not clear if the amendment will be finally approved to be effective from 01 January 2024. Also it is not clear if there may be any further changes.

However, i cannot find the information on the current proposal regarding how this will apply to those who comes to Netherlands say in December 2023 and applies for the 30% ruling within 4 months of arrival date. If granted will the current rules or new 2024 rules apply? Any knowledge already? Thank you!

I understand there will likely be a transition period for those who already has the ruling in 2023 - it is a separate matter, not my question (or rather next question).

I was just about to post this to ask. If someone has a better understanding of those already having the ruling, some clarification would be really appreciated.