VAT for non residents?


I owe a holiday home in Austria, but I am not an Austrian resident. I have three questions, that hopefully someone here can help with or point me in the right direction at least.

1 - As I am not a resident of Austria, should I be paying VAT on products/services/income related to the holiday home (we rent the apartment out to holidaymakers)?

2 - If I should be paying VAT, as a non resident am I able to claim all the VAT that I have paid, back?

3 - Is there someone here or does someone here know a local solicitor who can help me claim the VAT back, if I am indeed able/allowed to?

Hope to hear some helpful responses soon.



Answers to your questions are :

1- YES
2 - NO
3 - NO

Only VAT claim you can deduct will be if you buy something and that you want to export it officially when you will leave Austria. But in that case, you will have to pay import taxe to custom authority at your arrival in your country.......

Thanks mate

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