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Resident of Texas.  I retired after 40 years in IT working in the airline industry.  I retired 3 years ago.  My current living situation has gotten pretty awful.  Since I receive social security and 2 small pensions, (and quite a bit of debt) I can't afford to live in the US anymore.  I have a dog to bring.  100 pounds of love - very sweet.
I had a friend that lived in Cuenca a few years ago and I visited.  I loved it.  Scenery is fantastic and so is the weather.
I have been an expert twice before so I have some idea of what to expect.  Expat in France and Canada.

I am looking for advice about:

1. renting an apartment
2. Where should I look,
3. should I use a realtor, which one.
4. taking a dog to Cuenca
5. other stuff I haven't thought of

I am coming to scope out the place and find an apartment in July/Sept timeframe and would like to hook up with expats that are willing to meet with me.

HI there, I think you would have good information for me as I'm planning to move in Jul/Sept timeframe.  Since you've just been through it you experience is fresh.  Are you interested?
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Patricia Alexander from Dallas, TX

pat2alexander :

4. taking a dog to Cuenca

You should look here and read all about it:

https://www.expat.com/forum/519-23-movi … -pets.html

The first thread that shows up at the top has a post by me that lays out all the steps necessary and links to the official documents describing what's necessary to satisfy Ecuador's requirements:


To bring a pet to Ecuador (a dog or cat) there are several steps that must be done within a certain time of arrival.  You'll find in the link above info about what vaccinations and certifications are needed, as well as links to the official Ecuador pages governing the importation of pets.  The cost that Ecuador charges is minimal.

You will have to find out from each airline what their policies are with regard to a dog in the cabin with you or as cargo.

Thanks 😊

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Let's focus on the dog.  Bringing your dog in is a bit of a pain but it can be done. As he is huge, that might create difficulties with the airline. They have certain times they don't take big dogs.  When you arrive, probably Guayaguil, you will need to get to Cuenca. Get a driver van prearranged that takes dogs. That will cost about 100 bucks.  I would recommend air bnb, check on the pet stuff.  Rent via them for at least 2 months by the river. They have excellent walking paths by the river. I would look for places on either west or east edge of town, not so commercial.  Also, while Cuenca is nice, other places in Ecuador are nice.  Going via air bnb allows you to move to another city if you want.  As you plan on living here, you will need to get a visa once here and there are many services in Cuenca that help you. Use them.  They mY also know the ropes on getting the dog here.  I lived in cuenca 6 months, loved it. 50 feet away from the walking trail.  Now I live on the beach, dog heaven as they get to walk and find dead stuff to roll in.  Lots of folks at this beach complex where I live have smaller dogs and take them back and forth from US. A big dog may be more of a pain.

PS, just checked, you can mark pets allowed on the air bnb search.  Then of course check with landlord before booking to make sure pets means 100 pounds. I can't do stairs so I use the has elevator when searching.

Send me a PM, I looked on air bnb and found a place I would rent if I had a dog. I can also give you advice on visa stuff. This type of information about a specific business isn't allowed here in public.

pat2alexander :

I am looking for advice about:

1. renting an apartment
2. Where should I look,
3. should I use a realtor, which one.

Dear Pat,

Welcome to the Ecuador forums of expat.com ....

There are various ways to find an apartment in Cuenca....

1.  For instance, you can start with the classified ads in such media as www.cuencahighlife.com, the Cuenca newspapers and expat.com ...

2.  You can walk residential neighborhoods, looking for signs such as Aquilo and Para Arrendar .. and contacting by phone or in person the party offering the rental.

3.  You can ask other Expats you meet.

4.  A "realtor" may simplify the process for you, although someone will be paying extra for the privilege, and that might be you.


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