Pensionado visa 2020

What are the current requirements for a retired American to obtain a retiree visa in Colombia?  Have there been any changes for 2020 or due to the Covid pandemic?
Dave Marquez

You need to provide proof that your lifetime pension exceeds double (or triple not sure) the average national monthly wage in Colombia.

Here's an article up-to-date for 2020 (but no coronavirus info).  It's 3x the minimum monthly salary, which means you need an income of around $700 USD per month to qualify at today's exchange rate:

There are no changes as far as I know in the requirements due to COVID-19, except that for now you can't get any of the procedures done since everything is shut down at least until 1 July 2020 according to Migración Colombia:

Here's another article you might want to read.

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