What if you own a condo but lose your M visa

If an expat loses his beloved M and his foreigner's cedula, but still wants to visit his condo, he presumably needs a process for getting his electricity, water and internet bills paid, and these bills are linked to one's cédula.

Now of course there are year-round Airbnb's, so an owner could reserve a part of the year for his vacation. But what if he doesn't want anyone in it while he is gone?

Why would an investor loose that valuable asset?


I mean lose eligibility, either because they don't stay enough days or become too old for traveler's insurance after 80 or maybe they never qualified in the first place, but still want the lights, water and internet on when they enter they visit Colombia on their tourist visa (stamp).

If someone has a visa, the object is to continue to renew it. I wouldn't know for sure, but I can imagine if utilities are on and they are paid they will stay on. No? If you are within the tourist visa of 90 days and may be an extension of another 90 days that should not be a problem. Please don't quote me on this, but I'm not sure what you're asking


I actually asked Medellin Advisor many months ago a hypothetical question about buying a condo as a tourist. He told me without a cédula, you would need to make arrangements with the building administrator for paying the major utilities. For internet, you would need a "friend" to help you get connected.

In any case, I think that is more or less the answer.