Visa de Residente

For anyone who doesn't spend their time studying Colombian Regs.

By accident I came across a post on FB today, all Foreigners with Resident Visas must renew them by 24 October 2024, even if you had years left on your Visa, in my case 2026, we rang the Cancillería who confirmed this.

Resolution 5477/2022 refers

Before anyone asks... There was talk of this back at the beginning of 2022, as I had only renewed mine in 2021, my Wife contacted the Cancillería, who at the time said my Visa would be honored until it's expiration date, turns out, that was a load of bull.

@PhilCo58i don't belive this.

Looks like it's true, you would think they would have informed all visa holders, but they didn't. My Colombian Wife spoke with the Cancillería all he did was quote the Regulation, he has no idea!

Do you know if the visas M (Migrant) are included in this ?

@PhilCo58 Can you give the sourcing where you find of this original information ? Thanks

New Visa rule Resolution 5477 of October 2022

rvmax, I gave it, in the post!

I have an appointment in the Houston Consulate at 10:30 today to discuss my M visa. I will update you tonight.


To try and clarify the situation...

After receiving a message from a FB Friend here who renewed about the same time as me, who stated he did not have to renew. We contacted the Cancillería again today, and explained the situation, as a result he dug out my file, and confirmed that my Visa is valid until 2026, as my renewal in 2021 was a 'Transpaso'.

Anyone with a Resident Visa that is a Transpaso taking you past the October deadline, does not have to do another renewal. He explained that even they are confused by the changes. My wife being methodical, has said in a few days she will be phoning again to get a third opinion!!

@mikeysays Dont think that is covered  in the new resolution, I read it pretty thoroughly, but wsant looking at renewal of "R " visas in particuar. Can you quote a paragraph and clause?

There are a lot of things the new resolution doesnt cover nor explain properly, such as visa renewals, (of any type, R, M , or V) and "transituion" or grandfathering of the old rules. I could go on and on

I spoke with the Consul at the Houston Consulate today. I was trying to see about getting my Cedula and was told that since it was a Cedula Extranero it could only be obtained in Colombia. He also informed me that the M visa was ONLY if you had the intention to LIVE in Colombia and that when I went to renew the visa they would be looking at how much time I spent in Colombia and that I could have issues if I was not living in Colombia. I indicated that I need to sell my home and take care of some business before actually moving. His response was well, maybe you got the visa too soon. My response was I wanted to KNOW that I would actually get the visa before MOVING. He just stated to be very careful, and I told him that was exactly what I am trying to do and would like to know what the rules are. At that point he clearly stated that he did not know procedure from inside Colombia and that I would have to find out in the country. So who knows...


@PhilCo58 YES THIS IS TRUE. you need an immigration report then you can apply for the TRASPASO PROCESS. you dont apply as a new resident visa application. its about 110 bucks for the study and visa transfer.

if you need help send me a message

@Lpdiver yeah the M visa now has a new requirement of living 180 days a year or more or it can be cancelled out. new change thanks to president duque who left office in 2022.

@JAMES LINDZEY So, you are saying that if I am not IN Colombia for 180 days in a calendar year that my spousal M visa will be cancelled?




I would say " could" be cancelled

Anything is pissible these days, and 5 different lawyers will give you 5 different stories.

Like DIAN, the cancilleria dont know their own confusing and contradictory rules